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Strategy: What to do and what NOT to do is an essential part of a strategy. 

Differentiation: Your story and the outcomes you deliver must create intrigue and separate you from your competitors 

Attract: Getting attention is critical to your prospecting strategy and being remembered is imperative.

Capture: Is your website a cost or a revenue generator. Do you need a website? 

Engage: Prospecting is more like fishing than hunting. What bait are you using?

Score: Information is a commodity, but knowledge is currency. 

Connect: People buy from people the know, like, and trust. 

Convert: How do you make a prospect a customer, and a customer a client.

Grow: Expanding your services and maximizing your time results in higher profits. 

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Adon's sales training program, Insightful Selling, is an excellent all inclusive approach to changing how we go about growing our business. 

Richard Brown

Adon is a dynamic, highly professional salesperson and teacher. He has an exceptional ability to take difficult concepts and boil them down to easy to understand, actionable steps.

Sean McStay

Adon is a thought leader in the janitorial and facility services market where he continues to change the game 

Mike Macumber


  • Janitorial Marketing Secrets
  • Janitorial Selling Secrets
  • Virtual Prospecting
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