Sales Freak Episode - 6; How prospecting changed between 2010-2020 and we can do to be successful in 2021


Hello, sales freaks and welcome to today's episode the first episode of 2000 and 21. So i'm really looking forward to talking this year about sales tactics, sales ideas, sales concepts to help you grow.

If you don't know on tuesdays. 12 p. M. Pacific we have clean freak dedicated to cleaning ideas, concepts, practices, processes on tuesdays.

Wednesdays is sales freak 12 pm and thursdays is marking freak. Now, today I wanna talk to you, kind about what? Did we really notice about sales or what did I notice? I should say, and and perhaps you did, too, in the last decade from 2010 to 2000 and 20 you know, how did it change now? It was definitely changing in the decade before, but not to the level that it changed the last 10 years and where it goes in the next 10 years, up to from 2021 to 2030.

Uh, is going to be interesting as well. So what I want to talk to you today about is, uh, the customer and how the customer has changed from a sales perspective for us out in the sales world...

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Everything you need to konw about Disinfecting Power


Hello, everyone, and welcome to clean freak. Another year head into 2021. And today I really want to kind of just address disinfecting cleaning power.

Now there's a lot of questions going on. A lot of people concerned about disinfecting, especially during this time of cove, it and the outbreak that's having its second wave.

So the question is, when we're disinfecting, how do we know we're disinfecting? And how do we know we are using and getting the power we need and demand in order to clean and disinfect properly?

You're not going to want to miss this. Yes, all right, welcome. So today I want to talk to you about parts per million of your disinfecting. So when we talk about the parts per million, what are we talking about?

It's really a term for cleaning power. So let me give you an example of what i'm referring to. Now, when I first came across this, it was in the early two thousands.

I had notable parts per million and how to identify it. But we were at the time e was working for...

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Sales Freak - The Power of Metaphors


Hello. Sales freaks is aiding here. And today's episode. I want to continue the discussion from last week moving from internal representations to probably the most powerful thing you can do to influence.

When you're in the sales process. When your belly to belly face to face with your prospect, you're not gonna want to miss this. Yeah, all right. So last week, if you recall, we kind of finished off right here with internal representation. Right? Is part of what I call this this, uh, century persuasion technique.

And it's not about manipulation just to kind of recap, not about manipulation. It's not about lying. It's not about being deceitful is but understanding the way that we as humans interact with with information.

And so we talked about the, uh, the internal representations, which is, you know, we get information and we immediately access that information. Right? So we see somebody and we generalize, right? We say they're they're smart, they're not smart. They're this. They're...

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All you need to know about Dilution Rates


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, Adon here with another episode of clean freak. And today I want to talk about something that's kind of misunderstood a lot in the industry, and that is dilution rates.

What are they and how do we understand them? When someone is saying something like 1 to 2. 56 you're not gonna want to miss this. All right, welcome. So today I wanna talk to you about dilution rates. It's something that that's a little confusing, quite frankly in for a lot of us and especially those new to the industry.

I know it took me a long time to kind of understand this and being canadian, there was two different, um, dilution rates when I first started industry. That's kind of gone by the wayside.

Governments kind of gone to the u. S. Standard, but they used to be an imperial gallon as an example, and a u. S gallon and it got very confusing. Like a u. S. Gallon was 3. 78 leaders and a canadian gallons 4. 54 and so it got really confusing.

Now, pretty much it's the us, uh, system a...

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The Clean Freak (Let's solve janitorial problems live)


Uh huh. Hello, everyone. It's adon here with the first clean freak show. Now, I just had my first hiccup as i'm about to start because it's supposed to do it on linkedin, and it says i'm not approve for lincoln, but I was approved for lincoln.

So going to, uh, see work that through. But today I want to introduce you to, you know, the show clean freak, which is going to come next week on tuesdays at 12 o'clock pacific time.

Now, what I wanted to kind of go over today is kind of just introduce you to the show, the format and also work out the bugs, such as not being approved for lincoln. But one already have been.

So what I wanted to talk to you about today is what can you expect with the show clean freak and number one is you know what is, ah, clean freak c.

Usually if you call somebody a freak or someone is known as a freaking so he's a freak or she's a freak. It usually has a negative connotation to it is usually something that people take offensive to and they don't really like.


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Covid- 19 What Is Working. What Isn't


Hello, everybody. Clean breaks. And today i'm very happy to bring back heidi wilcox. She is a microbiologist, and she is a green cleaning expert.

And with the recent cove, it we thought we'd bring her back because there's a lot of interesting things have been going on both good and negative. And today we're gonna talk to hadi about what we can do in the cleaning world to be better out of it.

So you're not gonna wanna miss this episode. All right? How do you welcome? Hey, how you doing? I'm good. What's happened in the last month? I went started going live and co head and been interesting.

I know this is awesome. Way to get information out. I'm excited. Yeah, i'm really excited by it, too. It's it's it's a lot of fun. It's a little technical, but hey, it's pretty cool. So, um, for those of those that don't know who you are, um, let's just give a little bit a little bit a bit of your background and what you do and and why you do it.

Yeah, thanks. So i'm actually my education or micro...

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What do I exactly mean by clean freak? Let's find out together!!


Yeah. Hello and welcome. Ladies and gentlemen, adon rig here with the first episode of the live show clean freak. Today I want to kind of introduce you to clean freak and kind of what it is, what the vision is and a little bit about what a clean freak is on. This is gonna be a weekly show, 12 p. M. Pacific time.

We may change that if we get feedback, but that says something different. But 12 pacific on tuesdays is going to be clean freak. And we'll have some other shows during the week as well on some different topics. So I just wanna welcome you. This is my first live. So i'm prepared for hiccups and setbacks and things do not go correctly.

But I really wanted thio to do this because I really like linked in and linked in kind of from, ah, clean perspective is really where ah lot of the cleaning industry clinic congregates.

It's not so much dialogue that goes on. It's more ah, hub where people share information, insights, ideas. And this live allows me to kind of come to you as...

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Clean freak Tactics you need to know to grow your janitorial business.


In this episode, we are gonna talk about some very useful tactics you can use to grow your janitorial business.

Let's dive in..

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The 1st Step In becoming a Sales Freak


In this episode, we will talk about the 1st step in becoming a sales freak. We will be talking about some very basic principles that can help you save thousands of hours and a lot of money if you are starting out. Pay very close attention and you will learn a lot.


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All right. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and it is time for sales freak tactics show. Now, today, i'm going to talk to you about the four essential skills that you need to sell to be successful and b two b sales and some of them you're gonna be familiar with and a few of them. I'm not sure you're going to, so stay tuned. You're going to not want to miss this.

Yeah, all right. So today i'm gonna talk to you about the four essential skills and specifically could talk to you about, you know, what does that mean?

And why do you need these four essential skills now, when I look to myself, it took me many, many, many, many years to really understand these four essential skills and to be able to put them into my sales process so that I was actually able to make success.

And it was a journey. It was not something that I just kind of woke up one day and said, hey, you know, these are the skills I need.

It really kind of started to change for me when I was well into my career and I went to...

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