3 Proven Tactics to grow sales and generate more leads


Mhm. mhm. mhm. mhm. hello everyone. it's eating here with another episode of sales freaking today. I want to talk to you a little bit about the trifecta approach.

Now, when I talked with the trifecta approach, what am I talking about? well sales and marketing are very closely aligned, right? especially nowadays with the internet and social media.

And so when we are prospecting or when were you know, one more prospecting, positioning ourselves, we're positioning ourselves, we're prospecting whatever sales hat on, we are trying to uh get leads, right? when we have remarking hat on, we're trying to get leads.

The marketing is kind of one too many and the sales are kind of one, 2, 1. now they intertwined very closely. and so that's what I want to talk to you about today, about the trifecta approach that you would use both for marketing and both for sales. now, this was a very hard lesson for me to learn because when I first started like so many of you, I was a 1-1 person, meaning that everything I did was either by the phone or walking into a door looking for the one decision-maker and focus on 1 to 1 now because things have changed so much with the internet and everything.

Uh there are better ways, there are faster ways, there are more um there are ways that save us so much time and so what I'm hoping to achieve today is to show you the trifecta approach of what you might want to consider doing. now. there are so many different tools, applications, processes, things like that that we can do that will help you automate this, so it's not something that you have to sit back so I don't have that kind of time. um, everything is easy once you learn it, I get that, but once you take the trifecta approach and you apply it, um no matter how ready you are, no matter how prepared you are, um uh I think it was patent said it's better to have a half executed a half, half plan strategy and have a perfect strategy not execute something along those lines to paraphrase. so it's not about being perfect, it's not about having everything together, it's not about um having all the answers. what's about, it's about uh utilizing tools to help you achieve the end result. so that's what I want to talk to you about today. so I want to talk to you about three things specifically that you can do two to get in with uh you know, be more prolific, more uh centered with your prospecting and approach. so we're gonna talk about the trifecta approach. and the first one here is when you're thinking about going after your niece, your target market, when you're thinking about being, uh, uh, uh, you know, going after that target market. so whether it's veterinarians or doctors or the tech industry or, um, or moms or dads or whatever it is or car dealerships or whatever it is, it doesn't matter.

The first thing that I need to recognize is that have to be very prolific, meaning we have to be doing it a lot. now. I don't know about you. but uh, if I go on to, let's say Facebook, I may get stuck on there, you know, with some shiny objects for a period of time. but as far as me scrolling, I'm not scrolling too much.

Right. I might be screwing a little bit. maybe I scroll more than I think. but you know, I'm not going for hours all the way through the whole day. but you know, i'm not clicking saying. I wonder what bob said today. I wonder what she said today.

I'm sure people do that, but I don't do that. so, um, so when I think about your Facebook or I think about like your, you, your linked in, um, depending on how many people you have in your feet or how many people you're friends with are connected with and how much there participating or being prolific means that when you're in someone's feed, it's not, you know, you don't have a lot of time meaning if you just do one thing um, through the day, uh, they may or may not recognize you or remember your depending on how, how many people they have.

So you want to be prolific. all right. well then it's email marketing, right? not sending things on LinkedIn or whether it's sending things on uh, facebook or what, how whatever it is on Facebook business is what I'm thinking, this particular example, you want to be prolific because when you are just simply you post one thing, um, people are so busy right now with, if they're not busy with anything else, they're busy cycling through information.

And so when you have a whole bunch of information coming at, you, you deflect you, you get rid of so much stuff, you don't see so much too much stuff.

You only focus on what you're really interested in and it takes time for something to penetrate your little world right before you start paying attention to something outside of what you're focused on at that moment.

So being prolific is important. now people say, well, I don't want to be a pain, I don't wanna be a nuisance, I don't want to piss people off.

And uh, one of the things I heard, I believe it was an IQ single and single, single, I think I have it right. um uh, digital marketing guy, um I was watching a webinar with him once and someone's asking exactly that and what was interesting and to paraphrase what I learned from it was if I send you a letter and let's say, it's, you know, a page 1/2, you're probably not going to read it.

But if your mother or your daughter or your son or your wife or somebody sat down and sent you a letter, you'd read it because you would be curious number one, but because you care about them and you would want to find out what it is they're saying.

So that's a hard thing to, for me to get my head around because what I recognized in understanding that is that as I'm putting out content. there are so many people that are like, delete, delete, delete, delete, you know that idiot that out of that. and another thing from him didn't unsubscribe, get rid of them, whatever, right? there's a whole bunch of people doing that and that's okay. it's not personal. it's just, you know, they're not in the world you're in, they're not ready for it or they're just, or they're never going to be.

Uh, so when you're sending the content, when you're, when you're sending your emails, given your videos, you gotta be prolific and you will resonate with a percentage of people that I want to know and learn and, and, and hear more.

Okay, so you want people that, that is more like, you know, your daughter or your son or your wife will have you that are interested.

It's no, it's no point having somebody around that's not interesting. now. they can unsubscribe at any time, so don't worry about pissing them off, setting off too much information.

They'll get rid of you and and and and or not pay attention or block you out very easily. but the ones you resonate with and you have to be on prolific so that you are on top of mind.

Great. because um, we're so busy with information. oh, there's an Asian guy, okay, whatever, but I've never seen him again.

Uh, if someone ever sees me again for a couple of days a week, a month or so, I am long forgotten. right. what I want to do is send stuff prolifically be prolific and send enough stuff something.

Oh, there he is again, there he is. again, I'll read that and I'm too busy. too busy to oh right. so don't be afraid about being prolific.

It is something I think that stalls a lot of people that uh, makes them not do it. um, and the other thing is too, is don't worry about sending up the same thing. so as an example, if I'm doing this video here, I could repost this video if I want, um, once a week, once every three days, right? because um, there are people that are not going to see it or I do this video and then I do another one and then do another one and this one starts to get buried.

And so I put it back to the top someone that has already watched it because i've seen that before and they're going to bypass it. you know, uh, in this case i'm thinking about lincoln obviously on on youtube, it's a little different.

So being prolific is very important. the other one that's important is not only do you need to do a put out a lot of content, you can create that content, you can curate that content, you can share things and you wanna be prolific is you want to be, get over here, right, i'll go here, oh, we're really real.

Okay, so lets you don't go to, so you want to be pervasive now as i'm doing this live right now, I am doing it live on linkedin. I'm doing it live on youtube.

I'm doing it live on Facebook. so there I'm, I'm pervasive in the sense that I'm on youtube, I'm on LinkedIn.

I'm on uh, I'm on Facebook so I want to be pervasive, I want another word for pervasive is omnipresent. I want to be everywhere right now.

But you want me everywhere that your customers are or your prospective customers are. now, if you're, if you have a wide net mean you maybe, let's say you have a tool that everybody and anybody could use, then you know, it makes sense to be on everything like Pinterest and Twitter and twitch and blah blah, all these different things, right? because if you have a broad audience, then it makes sense because you appeal to the masses.

But if you are uh dealing with uh, let's say a woman and predominantly and you are nail experts are you do nails and stuff. um youtube would have a place, right? it would have a place where you made how-to videos for people that really want to learn or what have you.

But Instagram would be right, would be your target with nice pictures and captions and things like that because it's visual Pinterest maybe right. that's where that audience would be.

For me, my audience is for everyone. sales marketing and particular with a particular focus in the jan sand. um but there's lots of cleaning companies, a lot of people in the cleaning industry, but they're not all there, you know, a lot more sleeping during the afternoon and getting up and working evenings.

All right, so you gotta take that into account. uh they are a b two b so linkedin, is it youtube facebook? a little bit instagram?

A little bit. it doesn't hurt to be on it, but it's not going to uh not going to be a major impact at this point um, on me, so and on my business. so I want to focus on where my target market is and will be pervasive in all those areas right now. you can get into tart retarget marketing. so meaning that if you send a piece of content and someone watches the video for five seconds a minute.

Um or what have you that you show up again on their youtube or you show up on their facebook or what have you. um and it's retargeting and so that person sees you time and time and time again and there's a lot to be said for that and that's something that I am uh still learning and still investigating and still diving deep into uh to better understand the retargeting as well.

Uh so you've got to be prolific. you want to be pervasive, you wanna be in a lot of areas and probably the hardest one is third here is being persistent and persistence is one of the 12 camera. which one on think and grow rich, right? persistence is one of them.

I don't know which one it is, but it's up there, right? it's it's up there. um so when you know it's one of the things from thinking we're rich, right? um persistent. number nine, right? that's the same effort effort necessary to induce faith, right? and that's faith in yourself, right? the more persistent you are, the more you do it and do it and do it and do it, the more you start to grow in and and find out about yourself and start to find out what your messages and find out what resonates with the people that are interested, what you have to say and what you are doing for for me as an example, but you know, I don't know 200, 250 300 videos or something like that.

Mass amounts of e books and uh twitter posts and and all kinds of things. did it take me to get to a point where I recognize that I had grown and that even though I was authentic to myself, I was becoming more authentic to myself and so that's why I switched to the freak tactics because who I am at the heart of me is a freak, right? i'm abnormal.

Uh not everybody does 250 videos and not everyone should. right? so in my thing, i'm abnormal. i'm a freak.

I'm a sales freak. i'm a marketing freak. i'm a clean freak, right? i'm trying to become a health freak. um, so that is what grew for me. so i, when I first started off, I was doing what was authentic, but as I grew, I realized I was being who I thought I should be and this is becoming who I am and who I also want to be.

So by be doing more, um, you're going to get better and you've just got to squeeze the suck out, right? you just got to, you got to keep doing stuff and you'll suck it first and that is absolutely okay.

Uh, my first video I did, I don't know, 7, 8 years ago. and uh, number one, when I saw myself on the screen, my to me, I looked like I had an £18 roast, right? like I looked like puff boy, my fat cheeks and stuff like that. and I was like, oh, is that what I actually looked like?

And I started off with my first just saying hi, this insightful selling and the way I did, it was obviously funny and cheesy and what have you. I was, I was being me, but it was so much so that my son's friends, I overheard one day making fun of me saying hi, right. and that there, so that's okay.

I'm a lot better than I was and I'm nothing to compare to where I will get to, but I'm not going to get there if I keep if I'm not persistent if I don't keep trying, but I don't keep sucking if I don't keep failing. and so um, the best thing for me was to recognize that those who mind don't matter those who mind, don't matter those who matter, don't mind, quote dr Seuss.

Right. so, um, don't worry about the haters or people that you don't care about anyhow, right? like you want the people like your daughter or you know, your close friends that would read in a letter that you wrote them, right? that's who you're looking for.

And so being prolific, being pervasive, um, gets you in front of people. being persistent, makes people finally say, okay. I've seen this guy across my screen 20 times, 30 times 100 times I've never listened to already says I'll give it a try and then rather than your message resonates with them or not. so just recognize that these three things are what you need to do is these three things is what I need to do.

I need to be more prolific. I need to be more pervasive and I need to be more persistent. and a final word about that being persistent means that sometimes you do things and you're not 100 ready.

In closing. I met, uh, an old friend uh, last week and he's done some stuff on linked in.

Um, but as I met him on the street, I'm talking, I've seen him about 15 years or so. like we talked on social, but I actually, you know, ran into him on the street.

He said something to the effect of you know, I just keep on get it practice and get it perfect before I do it and I'm like don't worry about it, just get it out there.

Um and I say the same thing to you, don't worry about it, don't worry about being perfect. if you don't have time to study all day to do a video like this, then you know, I know what you want to talk about and focus on it and let it go, do it, let it go.

Um just like you wouldn't toastmasters, right? and toastmasters. you go and they table topics to ask you on a topic and you have to go and it's not that you have to be s that's not what it's about because what it's about, it's about being able to, you know to think quickly and to have been able to make it impactful.

And so as you practice as your persistent, that's going to come more and more, nothing beats being ready obviously. but you know, if you want to be persistent and if you didn't have time all week to rehearse or what have you like, you wanted to still put it out because you got to be persistent, right? you got to be prolific and you gotta be pervasive.

I hope you found this of value. um if you uh have any questions reach out to me also. uh, there is a free webinar um that I'm doing live on Friday uh to help those in the cleaning industry grow their business with lead. so if it's something you're interested in, something that you were his name uh I will post the link below uh Adon rig, you're watching sales freak.

We come every Wednesday at 12 p.m. pacific. I will see you in the next episode. mhm. yeah. mhm. what?


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