3 Steps To Digital Transformation


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it's adon rigg. And today I want to talk about three steps to digital transformation. Now, as we're shooting this, it's in the middle of the covid 19

Pandemic outbreak. And what i've really noticed is with this outbreak, it's really become evident that it has forced those that have been procrastinating the laggards, if you will, in industry to make that digital transformation.

Because, quite frankly, there's so many different companies, organizations and industries that have been slow to adapt online. Uh, even some not having a website that particular in the janitorial industry.

Uh, it's very common for companies to not have a website. They might just have a small little measly facebook page. What did I do? Anything with it?

Very few have a sophisticated website and and it's showing that oh, many of us need to make that transition to digital. So today we'll talk about three steps to do to get that digital transformation.

Um, and I want to use it from a sales and marketing perspective. Obviously, um, now this whole covid 19 and and that has really killed the old way of doing it, you know, we really has shown of that.

We have stepped into the digital age into the information age, and the industrial age is slowly falling behind and becoming obsolete. Not totally, obviously, but we're moving into more more into the information age on it. Just become more obvious through this now as I speak right now, there are a number of janitorial distributors and that I am in contact with and many of their sales people outside sales people or actually lay it off right now because they can't go make calls so they are taking or getting substance subsidized or what have you.

So it is a real mess, but there's so much that we could be doing or should be doing in this digital age. And so if this ever happens again, the idea is to be prepared, right? The idea is to not allow this to happen again, or hopefully it won't happen again.

But now we recognize the ability to capitalize on some point this should something happen again or attracting nothing happens again. It's just obvious that that's what we need to do. We need to make this transition and hopefully you see that come the other thing that this has really done this has really made it obvious that as we're stuck in our home, you know, we are very limited to the information that we see right, so we're not driving down the road.

Seeing billboards were not in our cars, perhaps listening to the radio station. We're not at the sports events and seeing their their signs on the on the boards right?

We are stuck at home. And so it's only through the digital modalities that we're able to connect, advertise or prospect to customers prospects. So it's really, really, um, highlighted and put a spotlight on the need to go step into this digital age.

Step one is exactly that. In these three steps, I recommend step one issue. We have to recognize the need, right, and once you recognize it, part of that is making it a must, making it part of your identity as a sales person. As an entrepreneur, as a business, it's something that you absolutely do.

It's not something you might do. You should do and order to make this change. You have to make it part of your identity and say, you know what?

This is a must have do. It's not optional. Our survival depends on this. So number one is recognizing that you have to take move into the digital age and be willing to pay the price no matter how much discomfort, uncertainty, learning, curves, whatever you have to learn, you have to make that commitment right now. So make that commitment.

The, uh the thing is to recognize that every single person that you deal with in 99% of the time is going to have one of two things there are gonna have an email address and or a smartphone.

Right? So they have email. Worst case scenario. Some of the real laggards might just have email. Maybe they still have a flip phone.

Doubt it. There's probably a few but every single one of us. Most people have a smartphone, right, so they can get emails. They could get text messages they can access and go to your website. They get information, they can get information about you, or you can send information to them all within, uh, all within a few clicks of a button.

So it's really important that we recognize this and you put it in your standard operating procedures put again as part of routine put it in this part of the habits and the protocol of your business, this becomes something you're going to do on a very regular basis. It's gonna become part of your marketing sales strategy.

The 2nd 1 is the one I want you look think about is choosing a system now. There are a lot of systems out there, ranging from basic email to a basic into an email, crm system and some things that are more sophisticated. So look at where you think you're gonna go and don't get too big a system that's too big for you, but also don't get one that's too small for you. Sure, do you want to grow?

So as an example, basic email marketing programs that you can do this with. Everything's like male chimp be things that get response.

A webber, um, convert kit. There's a whole bunch of them. They're all very similar. Each one has their own unique differences, but it's an email that you can create a template.

You can create emails, you can create auto responders. That means e mails automatically go out to people at certain times were based on certain days of the week or whatever might be. It's already set up.

Then you can also go into something a little bigger where you get things like like like an infusionsoft hub spot or greenrope. Janitorial marketing solutions um, these programs allow you to email marketing, but a lot more that it contains the c r m, as well it contains.

Be able to create landing pages and post the social media all these things that you can do within that portal. So the number one is to recognize the need to change number two is to choose a system.

But choose wisely because once you get email setup and templates set up, you have your system going. It's not the easiest just to make a change. You know, I wish I went with this.

So really, consider what you're gonna use, really? Consider how you want to expand and know where you are today. Where you gonna be in five years?

If you're just gonna be basically what you're doing now, then then if I just pick a system that fits for right now, but if you think you're gonna grow, expand, grow globally nationally, whatever, then really considered the different programs you might use.

And the 3rd 1 is that learned the program and use it. It means having some failures, having some setbacks, having some frustration where you're trying to learn this program and not being able to do it now.

Most programs are pretty intuitive and pretty easy. Point and click, however, having said that, depending on where you are in your computer sophistication and and and know how, it's gonna be easier for some and more challenging for others.

But at the end of the day, you're gonna need to embrace it. You're gonna need to use it. You're going to learn the program. So the main thing is to recognize you need to get digital, you need to get a digital footprint. You need to get top of mind of customers and be cascading information out to them by creating awareness in the newsletters, social media posts.

That's hopefully become very obvious to you. The other thing you wanna do is you won't be able to put their information into something. So you got an email from a customer or you get the email letters and put it into the system.

And now you can email them weekly, daily, monthly yearly, whatever it is on specials. Things of that nature. And the other thing is, is you won't be able to engage with them, right?

So once you get the information that said, you can email them specials, coupons, discounts, whatever it is, you're a communication with them, right? So it's very important to recognize that you're gonna make this change to digital, so recognize need to do it, choose a system and then dedicate the timeto learn the system.

It's not very hard, but it does take effort and recognizing the importance of doing that. No, in closing. If you click the link below, there is a free course I offer on virtual prospecting, a playbook to win, and it kind of goes through everything from strategy right on through to capturing e mails and the different programs in ways in which to do that.

It's free to you. Hope you enjoy this. Three steps to transform digitally recognize need to do it, pick a system and use it.

I'm adon rigg i'll see in the next episode



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