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Hey jansan nation its adon here and today I want to talk about the present situation. Ah, lot of us are under lock down here in isolation, and the world is kind of unpredictable right now. But what I want to mention is there's two things you can do.

You can sit back and waste your day, or you can sit back and utilize this opportunity to. Learn. There are so many platforms to learn on such as udemy facebook. There's youtube.

There's video. There's so many different platforms. Such as linkedin where you can learn and educate and update yourself on new skills and new opportunities.

So what I say is is we're under locked in probably a lot of getting bored, not sure what to do. Well, I challenge you take an hour today, tomorrow half. Hour, whatever it is and pick one things, i'm gonna learn about how to create a blog or i'm gonna learn how to update my speaking skills. Whatever it is, it's a great opportunity to learn and then share your knowledge with your co workers, your friends, your family and your platform. I am Adon Rigg with janitorial marketing solutions.

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