5 Janitorial Marketing Ideas To Revive Your Social Media


Yeah, yeah, hello, clean freaks are aiding here and there's another episode today of clean-freak. now, today, I want to kind of change things up a little bit, not so much interviewing anyone, but just want to kind of take a moment and uh yeah, point you to remind you about clean link now. clean link is a great website for content, and if you're looking for content to post onto your uh to your social media, if you're looking for I ideas lessons, uh just content in general, then this is really good uh, website now, they don't want to talk to you about today is I want to share with you an article that I don't know exactly who the person's name is, that that published it, but you'll see here that it is uh uh contributed by Janet, by the janitorial manager, so I haven't checked them out, but there is a group on LinkedIn called the janitorial manager and I suspect that that might be uh from the same uh same person. but what I wanted to mention today is uh, just a few things that it talks about, and I just want to kind of uh, make you aware of the necessity of growing your cleaning business, whether or not your individual territory managers, selling general supplies or services or for your business owner and you are selling your, your supplies or services, you know, and you have a team and you have employees, um, there are so many of you that aren't on social media and if you are, you're not doing it, um, as well as you could be for some of you now, obviously there are people that are just kicking it and doing extremely well, but there's also a lot that isn't.

And so I wanted to kind of take this article and kind of piggyback off it because it's an example of somebody trying to tell you and show you, uh that social media can help you now.

Obviously, all things being equal, that social media can't really harm you. I don't see how it can harm you. um, you know not sure about how it can harm you but can definitely help you.

I mean people are on their phones now. I mean I'm not telling anything you don't know right? and you can I mean it's eliminated, it's eliminated or reduced or it is an alternative however you want to look at it. however, what your every perspective is, no one can really argue that it has replaced to some degree the t. v. it is replaced the radio and it has replaced uh newspapers, right? we can have one outlet, our phone, our computer, whatever you wanna call it your smartphone.

And it is an uh that's where you read your news, that's where you listen to your news. and that's where you watch your news and your news now has so many different outlets, right? there's not just ABC CBS and a few others. there are hundreds and there are thousands and probably millions of different people out there and you want to be one of them.

Uh, the important thing is to remember is that you want to be one of them, but you don't want to be one amongst seven billion people on the earth. you want to be one amongst a very niche market. but having said that, I want to talk a little bit about the article because the article really kind of help helps address it and helps uh uh put some perspective on some of the things that we can do better to improve. so again, it's by general managers, and uh what he's talking about here, it's uh is uh the importance of being on it. and it gives an example here of uh of an example here by two green cleanings in new jersey and he goes on Tuesday motivation, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. that's cleaning day.

Okay. it gives a little example of an Instagram post. now, uh a lot of people aren't on Instagram in the cleaning industry and it's something that I have gaveled with and I am on Instagram but don't focus a lot of time on it because simply the audience is not there yet.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. but what it does mean is, you know, where is the audience now? the audience is. if you're looking for free organic um advertising promotion, then your best bet is by my estimation is linked in uh now obviously you can pay for linked in and then you can also pay for Facebook ads. you can pay for Instagram ads and you can pay for google youtube ads, things like that. so if you but if you're going for the free modality, if you're trying to get the free aspect and then I believe lincoln is by following by the best for a b two b a b two b.

But so this is an example of a cute little uh linked in the post. right? and I don't think that probably shows you see, I don't think it shows you because yeah, so we have shown you that. so my apologies.

Um when you switch screens, it doesn't actually show. so let me show you the post. okay, so this is the post that it is uh that is talking about and just showing a cute little post on motivation Tuesday. so this post, uh you know, I don't know how long it took them to make, but I want you to recognize that you don't need to worry about spending a lot of time. you can get a program like canvas, ea NBA Canada and I believe there's a free version, but then, in-depth program is $20 a month and you can create things like that. they give you pictures and videos and all kinds of things that you can use to create stuff like that.

Um, for pennies, right? for pennies, pennies a day, a dollar a day, less than a dollar a day.

So creating it is not hard, but finding the time can be when you pull in many different directions. so I wanted to make you aware of that now. so when we go back to the clean link article, I want to show you hear what was talking about here is, you know, using it for many different ways in five ways tips he talks about is number one use the power of social proof, right? um, and he goes on here about the golden arches, the universal sign of McDonald's hamburger are very recognizable and, and that's something that I want to to make you aware of.

All right, it's not so much. I mean, if when you're doing social media, play the long game, okay, think about what it's going to go the wrong way out of my global here, block in my head.

Um, think about playing the long game, not the short game. what do I mean? well, if you post a whole bunch of stuff, someone's going to say, well, you know, I'm not getting any results, I'm not getting any leads from it.

And I will never forget Jeffrey Hazlitt. I think it was the mirror test, but one of the books. but I saw him speak once and you know, people are saying, you know, this is what, 10 years ago now, you're saying, you know, what's the r. o. i. on social media, what's the return on investment?

His counter to that was great. and I still believe it to be true. and his counter to that was what's the r. o. i. what's the return on ignoring, right? you can't ignore it.

So being on social media, um, has a place. and when you play the long game, then, what you're doing is you are not trying to get results right now. obviously, you hope for results right now, but you're not doing it to try to get a sale right now. you're doing it to play the long game.

So what I mean by the long game is over the next 1-5, 10 years. if you continually do things and any niche, then people in your market are going to start to recognize you and your brand now.

Uh, many of you might recognize that. I changed my brand recently to the sales I met about six months ago now and then changed the logo. and the reason for that is I have a long game preview.

I was thinking a little too short a few years ago. so I have the next 1 to 23-year plan. I have a 3 to 4 a year plan, five-year plan and I have a 10-year plan for you out there.

Um, so, uh, I'm thinking the long game as well. I always did think the long game, but my behavior, my, my um, my strategy was really kind of playing a short game when I sat down and analyzed it and looked at where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be.

So let's look at some more on this. so the thing is, is uh you know, we want to um it's good for social proof, but it's also good for um uh position yourself, right. the other thing he talks about, well being on social media and, and it's can I can't agree more is to be yourself.

And that's something that may be a challenge for you is to be yourself. it was a challenge for me now. yeah, it wasn't that I was intentionally not being myself, but um as I'm approaching 50, I came from a different um uh mindset and generation where you know when you grew up watching people, so when, so I'll give Anthony robbins as a classic example, if you look at Anthony robbins from the 80s and early 90s, even into early two-thousands, uh he put upon the perception of being perfect almost right, he had a suit, his hair was perfectly done um and even I've seen his wife and interviews sage kind of make fun of them before they were together about him being like that, but that was kind of the way to do it, right. the kind of way to do it was to have a soup brian Tracy thing look perfect, be perfect, act perfect, and put out a book and you did your thing. so it kind of grew up with that and when I launched social media really was nothing, it was just starting.

So I being kind of of the old school in the subconscious was trying to be perfect, you know, we're trying to put us on a persona, so many of, you know, I had insightful selling it and stuff and I love, it was part of me so much, it still is, but as I grew myself and as I recognized we're in a social media world, I realized that I was kind of going with the insightful brand, kind of who I was trying to be and the freak brand is who I am and who I want to be more of, and so it really comes down to being authentic as the article says, and uh you know, being yourself, I couldn't agree more.

Um, the third part is, you'll see here is engaged. the whole point of social media is to be social uh you don't have to be a salesperson either, and that is another thing that um that I did in the beginning, and so many people do on social media in the janitorial sector specifically is um, the number of people that are, that put stuff and send me a message and it's, I've never met them in that sell, sell, sell, sell, sell right amount of people that are posting stuff like, hey, you know, um, uh, we'll show a picture of the auto scrubber for a demo, Comey, today.

Um, I am betting that the return on investment or the return on effort in that capacity is next to zero. right? so we need to be social and we, a lot of us are social.

Uh, extroverted lives are introverted, but at the end of the day, I think we're all kind of extroverted or introverted with people we don't know. so, um, if you equate it to me and younger and going to the old sock hops, you know, the little dance things, a lot of people stood along the bleachers waiting to be asked to dance and there were some that went out and started dancing, but they were still, for the most part, a little, um, a little uh, stiff and a little uncomfortable, you know?

Um, and that's what people being at the bar having a few drinks and let loose as possible. you know, that's how we are in general, but we are social beings. so a lot of us don't talk to sell until someone talks to us.

A lot of us don't ask questions until we asked the question. so recognize that, that you kinda have to be the person to ask the person to dance.

You have to be the person to reach out and say, hey, how's it going, what have you, I can do a better job of absolutely for sure. but it's something I'm learning to do too, because it's one thing to connect with someone and say, hey, I have, you know, 5000 connections.

Um, but how many relationships do you have now? obviously, you can't have a whole bunch of relationships. uh, you can't have millions of relations with people that would be disingenuous and unrealistic, but you can be more open and more forthcoming and more engaged with them.

So, the, the, uh, the fifth part, which kind of ties into what I was just saying is, is active and being active is, uh, is a commitment.

Being active is a strategy. being active takes time. you say, say, here's your post, you don't have to post every day, although you could, um, do, however, try to post at least once or twice a week now, the more you post, the more engagement you're going to get, uh, the more you post, the more people are going to reach out to you to connect with you, the more active you are, and the more engaged you are, the more active you'll notice your, you know, the more responses you'll get more active, you'll be with other people.

So, um, it does have a lot to do with the amount you do it. um, but there's a time constraint there as well. so look at having tools and stuff like that, that you can help you do it. and then when someone does respond, when someone does like it, um, try to get there and say, hey, thanks for liking what have you.

Uh, you know, we all are busy and we can't say thank you for every single one and create a conversation for every single like and post that someone does, but we should be able to do it at least 80 of the time.

And uh, so that's a great thing to try to do is to be active. but, you know, if someone likes something, uh dm them directly and say, hey, bob, thanks for liking the post.

Um, uh, what did you like about it? or what have you? right. I mean, it takes a few minutes, but it takes a commitment because we're focused on this and now we have that. so setting a time each day or every, a few times a week where you spend the time to go in and respond, uh, is a good thing.

And the fifth one they have here is show off a little now, that's always a good thing, especially in marketing, we want to show off a bit, we want to get attention. that's what were, you know, that's what we're doing.

Um, so, uh, it says here before and after post can be an excellent way to showcase your work, but do so sparingly, right? and then goes on. the great thing about genital marketing on social media platforms is that it will usually take you a few minutes and the return on investment is phenomenal.

Even if you only get a few calls here and there from your efforts, you're essentially using free advertising to get a commercial cleaning contract. it doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

Now, you're going to get responses to the amount of effort that you put in. uh, but we only have so many hours in a day. so, uh, look to embrace social media. if you're not doing it, look to have, um, someone help you, which is what we do if, if you don't have the time, if you don't have the knowledge, if you don't have the uh the the the bandwidth to do everything now in closing, I would like to make you aware of a webinar that I have this coming Thursday at one p.m. pacific.

And it is, yeah, a title. it is cold calling dead and uh-huh. what it is, it's a webinar that's going to show you and talk to you about is cold calling dead. and what can we do to change the way we call it now there's a lot of controversies is cold calling dead.

Not interested in splitting hairs. the idea of just someone, you know, reaching out to you and getting you and are you getting them and doing business immediately is virtually zilch just phoning cold calling through the phone has a reported less than two success rate.

In fact, I just had a company talked to me that wanted to do prospecting for me outbound prospecting, the specialist in the janitorial sector and they said that four hours of phone calls would get an average of one meeting, four hours of phoning accounts after one of the other. so imagine eight hours a day of just prospecting, knowing what you're talking about, being a professional at getting people on the phone and trying to create engagement, being a professional, and getting to appointments a day.

Now that is a lot of work um for two appointments a day, not saying it's not worth it, but what's the time invested in that, you know, uh you know, if you're paying someone, let's say easy math $60,000 a month. so $5000 a month and you're going to get maybe eight appointments and you're gonna close one.

You know, I don't know what the return on investment is that, but you're going to have to have a have the long game in order to make that an uh, that investment is worthwhile.

So cold is cold calling dead. well, there are definitely technologies and things that you can use that are going to help you do this. and I'm going to also show you a way to get 250 leads free um during this webinar and I'll show you how to get 200 leads free during this webinar. so if you're interested, click the link within the description and I will see you next week, at 12 pm pacific for another episode of clean freedom, a drink, gentle remarking solutions. and I'll talk to you and see you in the next episode.

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