5 Pillars of a Sales Strategy - Pillar 1


Today I want to talk to you about the 5 pillars. Today #1 one of the five pillars of selling, and i'm going to go over this in depth over the next few videos. Now, why the five pillars of selling?
What selling is more than just one activity? Right? Selling is a set of activities, and that's why, if you understand strategy, you study strategy. Recognize that strategy is a set of activities, and selling requires a sale strategy so it requires a set of activities.
Now there are a lot of sales people out there. They don't necessarily have a strategy in are successful. But there's also a lot of sales people that don't have a strategy and are not successful.
And so a strategy really helps to keep you focused on keep you towards the goal, keep you on track to where you want to go, especially for those that don't sell every day. So people that are like entrepreneurs maybe one day they're doing their accounting another minute of ewing managing, and they're trying to sell.
So having a strategy, it is very important to the success of selling so well not introduce it to the first part of the five pillars of selling. And so the first pillar I want you think about is positioning now.
Positioning is really a marketing term came from marketing a marketing term having a marketing position, having a target market.
These are all terms that are now applicable to selling again. They used to be in marketing terms, but because of the internet because of social media because of email, because of everything that we're able to use now, it's almost impossible to be a sales person and strictly just be a a door, walking door knock and sales person.
They are pretty much extinct. The sales people of today have to have two hats. They have to have a marking hat. They have to have a sales hat and where that decipher in my opinion, is from before you meet the customer, either in person or on the phone before you have a conversation with them, that's really a more a prospecting perspective a prospecting, activity prospecting behavior.
And then when you meet with them now, you switched on in the sales, have you become the closer the lead converter you become so long that is trying to close a sale, so it's very important to recognize that you require both skill sets, marketing and sales.
Now, if you ask me, which is more important today in the globalized world, with everything that we have, I would say that marketing is more important.
In fact, marking is much more important now. You have to have someone that could have a conversation that could influence the buying decision. But at the end of the day, there is so much information out there.
There are so many products and services out there that are very similar that marketing has to be your primary focus. Marking has to be the thing that gets you in front of the customer where the customer first becomes aware of you, and then you position yourself to them, as someone that is different from that can add value, someone that is unique and different.
And so you resonate with that person, and that is positioning. Positioning is, uh, being in the mind of your target market and how they speak about you or think of you when they're talking t somebody and you're not around.
So if they say jeez, that adon guys really annoying, he thinks he knows it all. He thinks this. He thinks that i'm positioned and it may not be true, but it's true to him or her. The buyer on the flip side, if they say you know what, every single time I deal with him.
Uh, he's polite. He's informative. He provides much value. He shows me things I didn't know. He helps me navigate through obstacles.
He helps me run things better. He helps me do things better. You were positioned in the mind of the prospect, and this could be done through content.
This will be done through social posts. This could be done through face to face. Interaction of this could be done through on the phone. But what we're talking about is you're positioning yourself as someone that adds value.
And as we move further in down the five pillars, the third pillar is really critical because that is the part where everything you do all your prospecting, all your persuasion closing are all based around one primary activity or mindset. So the reason that positioning is first is because positioning is prospecting.
In today's world. When you are positioning, you're prospecting. When you were prospecting, you're positioning, so the question, then becomes with all the different of all the different tools out there to prospect, which should I be using.
And that is a great question. And that's where the revenue production model comes into a reverie revenue production marketing. So it's marking activities that produce revenue rpm.
And so when you're positioning, you're using this piece of the marketing funnel. You're using this piece of the revenue production, marketing process up process that I created, and so you can see here that it doesn't matter if you're using a business card. Facebook Instagram, the blog's Netflix YouTube blog's or webinars or you're having one on one seminars.
You are creating awareness you are creating, um, attraction. You are attracting them to you, and this is where really positioning comes into place. So important and how it's so important because you can't do everything and be continually talking to someone and phone them all the time.
You have to hit them from different angles in today's day and age. Now there are many different ways you can do that, but the primary one from b to b perspective is what I would have dealt, linked in.
And so if you're not on linked in. You need to be on linkedin. But you don't need to just have a profile. You need to set up. Your profile properly linkedin allows you to not only position yourself, but also prospect.
So what we want to do is we want to be able to position ourselves to our target market. Through linkedin we won't be able to create content information based on round the concepts ideas and that lead people to the solution or product or service provides.
So that's why the rpm model is so important. It helps you attract people. And then once you attract, um, you you capture their information and that lease is up in marketing activity. And so we way attractive and we capture information. So we take their business card and we do something with it, right? Maybe we be pick up someone, we phone them again, right? We phone them again. So we're doing something since we've attracted them, got their business card, or we get their email address and were connected to the model intent.
So we attract and capture that information and then send information sent insights, ideas, perspectives around the issues that we perceive and no through our experience that our target market faces.
And so that's what you need to do. So selling in today's world requires a strategy, a set of activities, and the best way to do that is to recognize the importance of positioning and to start position yourself properly.
Now, if you find this of value, be sure to join us for a webinar. You click the link below their held weekly, and it is on this exact concept on how to position yourself in the marketplace, how to prospect and how to close for the cleaning industry.
Adon Rigg


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