Labelling Issue During Covid-19


Hey Jansan nation it's Adon here today. I want to talk about something I see going out in the marketplace. Right now and that is lot of spraying of product.

There is a lot of people out there with their spray bottles of disinfectant, and they're spraying tabletops and desks and what have you? And though there is positives and there are negative that what I want to talk to you about today is us in the industry need to step it up and help those that are not by helping them protect themselves, helping them protect others.

Now what do I mean? Well, they are using the product, but they are not labeling properly. I see them grabbing a bottle, spraying a surface, putting it down, walk past or I look at the bottle and the bottle isn't labeled at all in a lot of circumstances, and in some circumstances it's ok labeled. So let's remember, too, help potential customers or just people in general using products how to use it properly or label it properly.

So let's refresh what to do. We know...

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The Power of a Sales Prospecting Strategy


 welcome to janitorial marketing solutions I'm your host Adon Rigg and today we are going to continue the discussion on the five pillars of selling of having a sales strategy.

Now, if you have watched the last few episodes and you can see that we talked about the 1st 3 pillars, we spoke about the importance of positioning. We've spoken about the importance of prospecting and help positioning and prospecting go hand in hand.

We've spoken about the importance of having your message, and your message underlies everything you do. It underlines your prospecting, and it underlies your closing or your lead conversion.

And that's what we're gonna talk about to day. We're gonna move into the sales aspect so you can see that we are. Story is the centerpiece that lynch's it together positioning, prospecting, lead generation or marketing activities.

We move in today that once we have our message, we move in tow where we get a customer on the phone or we get in front of them. But we're now...

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Sales Prospecting with a Sales Strategy


Welcome to janitorial marketing solutions I am your host, adon rigg and today we're going to continue on the discussion of the five pillars of selling your sales strategy.

Now, if you recall the 1st 2 we just recently had episodes. We spoke about the two pillars, the 1st 2 pillars of the five. Now pillar number one was positioning. Right position is vital.

The more you're positioned, the easier it is to prospect. The second pillar, prospecting that when you are prospecting ur position yourself as well.

And so the two of them go hand in hand. When you're prospecting your positioning when you're positioning, you were prospecting. So if you haven't seen those episodes, I encouraged to do so.

Today we're going to look at pillar number three. Now pillar number three is very important because pillow number three is profit creation, and it's the link between the 1st 2 pillars and the final two pillars.

In fact, profit creation could be the foundation and then just showing four pillars. But...

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Power of a Sales Strategy and the 5 Pillars.


Hello adon rigg here and another episode of janitorial marketing solutions now. Today I wanted to continue the discussion of the five pillars of selling. Now, if you remember from the first episode, we talked about the importance of having a selling strategy, and that strategy is a set of activities, so you need to have a set of activities that you do on a consistent basis that helps breed success.

Now there are a lot of people sales people, particularly that have gotten by for many, many years of just kind of winging it, being good and charismatic and good to their customers and treat them well and service them well.

And they've been successful and there's definitely always people that can do that. But for the most part, people need to have a set of activities and selling strategies that they work on a consistent basis to grow their business, maintain their business and convert prospects too get to customers.

So in the last episode talked about positioning and the importance of...

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5 Pillars of a Sales Strategy - Pillar 1


Today I want to talk to you about the 5 pillars. Today #1 one of the five pillars of selling, and i'm going to go over this in depth over the next few videos. Now, why the five pillars of selling?
What selling is more than just one activity? Right? Selling is a set of activities, and that's why, if you understand strategy, you study strategy. Recognize that strategy is a set of activities, and selling requires a sale strategy so it requires a set of activities.
Now there are a lot of sales people out there. They don't necessarily have a strategy in are successful. But there's also a lot of sales people that don't have a strategy and are not successful.
And so a strategy really helps to keep you focused on keep you towards the goal, keep you on track to where you want to go, especially for those that don't sell every day. So people that are like entrepreneurs maybe one day they're doing their accounting another minute of ewing managing, and they're trying to sell.
So having a strategy,...

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3 Steps To Digital Transformation


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it's adon rigg. And today I want to talk about three steps to digital transformation. Now, as we're shooting this, it's in the middle of the covid 19

Pandemic outbreak. And what i've really noticed is with this outbreak, it's really become evident that it has forced those that have been procrastinating the laggards, if you will, in industry to make that digital transformation.

Because, quite frankly, there's so many different companies, organizations and industries that have been slow to adapt online. Uh, even some not having a website that particular in the janitorial industry.

Uh, it's very common for companies to not have a website. They might just have a small little measly facebook page. What did I do? Anything with it?

Very few have a sophisticated website and and it's showing that oh, many of us need to make that transition to digital. So today we'll talk about three steps to do to get that digital transformation.

Um, and I want to use it from a...

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Make The Most Of This Opportunity.


Adon here and today I want to talk to you about, the opportunity we have been given with having a lock down. I know it's frustrating, and it's nice to be oh, and going to restaurants and just going to parks and doing things. But most of us can't do that right now.

But what we can do is we can expand right. I never, ever really think it's good to contract to play small. And so I always think of times like this is an opportunity to us to expand, to expand our knowledge, to expand our presence.

And so if you are in sales, if you have a business and you're not able to do what you used to do, really take this opportunity to expand, expand your knowledge, expand the platform.

So if some thing like this ever happened again that you have an unbreakable, unshakable foundation. I am adon rigg with janitorial marketing solutions i'll see you in the next video


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Sales Prospecting time to expand


Hey jansan nation its adon here and today I want to talk about the present situation. Ah, lot of us are under lock down here in isolation, and the world is kind of unpredictable right now. But what I want to mention is there's two things you can do.

You can sit back and waste your day, or you can sit back and utilize this opportunity to. Learn. There are so many platforms to learn on such as udemy facebook. There's youtube.

There's video. There's so many different platforms. Such as linkedin where you can learn and educate and update yourself on new skills and new opportunities.

So what I say is is we're under locked in probably a lot of getting bored, not sure what to do. Well, I challenge you take an hour today, tomorrow half. Hour, whatever it is and pick one things, i'm gonna learn about how to create a blog or i'm gonna learn how to update my speaking skills. Whatever it is, it's a great opportunity to learn and then share your knowledge with your co workers, your friends, your...

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Virtual Prospecting "A Playbook To Win"


Hey Jansan nation it is Adon here. I want to talk to you about virtual prospecting. For those of you that know, I put together a course and launch it last week, it's free.

It's called virtual prospecting, a playbook, to win and what it does that it covers everything you need from creating interest and a strategy to getting to the close portion. When your prospecting online, virtually a lot of us are in under lock down. We're stuck at home.

We're stuck in their offices, but we are not. We're not powerless. We can do a lot of things, and we can do it by utilizing the tools that we have access to online.

So if you're not sure what to do, you're not sure where to begin. I've created something. It's free to you. No strings attached.

Just click the link below its 50 lesson's over 4. 5 hours of content in small sections. You can watch five minutes here, 5 minutes there and gather the knowledge and tools and tricks and hacks that are necessary to get you online to get in front of prospects...

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Sales Prospecting Rotting Business Cards


 Today I want to talk to but lost opportunities and wasted money wasted investment. Ah, poor return on your investment. What I mean by that?

Well, how many of us sales people or how many of you sales managers have your sales people going out on a daily basis, making cold calls and collecting business cards? What do you do with these?

If you're like most people, they sit right on the desk and they rot but you need to think about it. How much did it cost you for your sales? Over. How much of your time for yourself? What did it cost you of your time in your day?

To walk him to wait to ask the question to ground business card on who you should speak to if you add it up. It's hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, depending on this size, your sales force.

So what should you be doing? What life you like many of us. You let it get the best car, sit on here on the desk and you might call them back never in a few months.

The problem with that is that you are no longer aware you're not...

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