The more you read the more you learn.

According to a recent study by Pew Research Group the percentage of readers increased steadily as household income and education levels rise. In other words, Dr. Seuss quote the more that you learn, the more places you will go.Is true.

I can only assume that there is a direct correlation that those who read have more income and higher education than those that do not read. So what is the takeaway from this? For me it is this! those that read ( learn) and expand their knowledge enjoy a better quality of life. They spend their down time educating themselves so that they can apply their new found knowledge into it equivalent currency. We all know that applied knowledge is power, but knowledge is also now currency (money). The key word is applied and its definition is to put into effect. Learning allows us to see things differently to see the world from another perspective, through a different lens.

In 2017 there is truly no EXCUSE to be ignorant and to not educate yourself....

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I am the Greatest salesman in the world

In 2016 the world lost the greatest boxing champion of all time. Well! I am not sure if he was the greatest of all time! that is a big statement. I am not willing to back that up in a debate,but that doesn't matter ,because most people will say he was the greatest because he said he was.

I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was. Muhammad Ali

One thing we can all agree on is that Muhammad Ali believed in himself; trained, acted, and behaved like he was the greatest fighter of all time. The result! Most people will not dispute it and accept this statement as true.

Are you the greatest salesman of all time? How about of your generation? How about your country? How about your state? Your industry? You town? Your company?

Now you might think that proclaiming this or behaving like this is egotistical. That it is wrong for YOU to say or act as if you were. Okay fine I will give you that, but how about this. Do you THINK you are the greatest salesperson ( marketing, promoter,...

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New Year , New Resolution. New Hope

Well it is 2017. An opportunity to review successes and setbacks of 2016 and plan for new successes and opportunities in 2016. 2016 was a great year for me with many lessons some new lessons learned and a few lessons I had to learn again, One of the biggest lessons learned in 2016 was that success is meaningless without having people in your life that you care about and care about you. That having someone to support you and believe in your goals, dreams, and aspirations is the greatest success. Thank you Lindsay Charles.

Another lesson learned is that great relationships and friendships in general are dependent on making a conscious effort to reach out and connect with another and to listen to them not just hear them. Thank you Lindsay Charles. 

The 3rd lesson I learned again is that acheiveing your dreams and living your purpose takes committment and is not easy. In fact is very difficiult because I don't always feel like doing what I know I need to do to be successful. I dont...

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​Want to Position Yourself as an Integral Asset? Focus on Culture! (Part 1)

Want to Position Yourself as an Integral Asset? Focus on Culture! (Part 1)

There’s a world of difference between traditional selling and insightful selling. Insightful selling is about positively affecting an organization’s profit and loss statement, the health of which is directly linked to company strategy. Culture underpins strategy—or as Peter Drucker puts it, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If he’s right, your first approach to creating value for your customers is helping them build, create, change, form or improve their corporate culture. In doing so, you will position yourself as a relevant and integral asset to the organization.

The Far Reach of Corporate Culture

Corporate culture affects every aspect of a company’s bottom line: profitability, competitive advantage, direction and responsiveness, ability to change and grow, even employee retention. Each top-level executive must understand the executive teams’ cultural...

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Are you a traditional salesperson or an insightful seller?

The Insightful Seller

Are you a traditional salesperson or an insightful seller?

A traditional salesperson is one who sells a tangible product or service that fills a need. It might be that he or she sells vacuums, safety supplies, filtration systems or cleaning services.

An insightful seller, on the other hand, thinks quite bit differently.

It’s All About the Intangibles

In contrast to a traditional salesperson, an insightful seller thinks about his or her offering as an intangible – regardless of what is sold. That intangible always impacts the profit and loss statement, which is every client’s responsibility whether he sits in the executive suite or is a junior level purchaser.

Many salespeople today find it challenging to create customer value and are forced to reduce their margins to obtain or maintain business. Sellers today must be able to create opportunities and value for busy and sophisticated buyers. This is what separates traditional selling from...

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