Obviously, there's some three. Consider that you want to do those things, but, um, yeah, I think it's definitely a for a business owners. They also make it.

We're both also okay, kind of a little bit out there on your on your microphone, just so you know, so just be aware of that.

Um, so okay, so we yeah, we met about two years ago at isis a just over two years ago. And so for those of you that don't don't know about compass wave, it's specific for residential cleaning and why it's unique and kind of what kind of interesting about us having this conversation right now is you know, you're based in pennsylvania. I'm based in vancouver, british columbia.

And as we speak at this very moment, there is a company that's cleaning my home, and, uh, when I went to go check them out on, I think was thursday, wednesday or thursday last week, they had online ordering.

Now it wasn't as sophisticated as you and what we're going to get into. But what it was was, um, I could simply book and it said, you know, it wasn't a one bedroom or two bedroom how many hours? And it made it very simple and told me exactly what I was going to pay.

And I booked it, and they're they're cleaning right now. And it was very clean and simple years, a lot more sophisticated, but it really kind of shows just, uh you know that if we can get an estimate and I don't have to phone wait for someone to call me back or what have you? Um, i'm proof that that it works. I, uh exactly right now, as we speak, someone is cleaning my place based on their online presence.

Mhm. So, uh, so let's dive into some of the things that our our new about compass wave. And, uh, I know you've done a lot of things like integration, things like that. So i'm just going to, uh, make sure you can add to your screen to the thing and kind of walk us through a little bit.

Let's assume nobody that sums washes hasn't seen anything about comments way before. Let's let's just kind of start right from the beginning. Yes. So from the beginning, um, we do have a lot of youtube videos. If I go a little fat terex, and we're gonna kind of just touch the surface. If you visit us on youtube, it's under compass.

I believe we first log in here. So this is our new dashboard. So obviously we added a calendar feature, which we didn't have two years ago. So now you can actually do online booking.

Recall this wave. You have a, um, integration with stripes. So when you do set up your integrations, um, you can connect it to your stripe account.

You can accept online booking that way as well. Um, yeah. When we log it in here, if I go under tools and appearance. So this is kind of where you can design nine and change the colors of the tool. It's self. So, um, some people will have different colors, games, those types of things you'll be able to go under and change the button colors that borders the banner graphics.

Um, we had all that kind of stuff before, but what we've really changed our software into is a model similar approach, though let me just kind of go down through these sections here.

Yeah, the drivers actually here when the slowed up. So this is actually where you would put in all your time. So under the clean, sometimes you can put in your price per square foot, if that's how you price out everything.

Um, if you want to set certain minute, it's for different types of rooms the bedrooms, bath, the kitchen's. The nice thing about our software is we do integrate with zero to the us so we can pull it in the square footage. So when people actually type in their information, it'll pull all all of that. And if I go under, arrest that range. So we allow you to do a range.

So instead of just giving a fuck what amount like $150 on $100 you can actually have a 0 to 50 15% increase, and it will give you that range. When you do that, um, we have a minimum amounts here.

So obviously, obviously, if somebody maybe put in a 600 square foot house that might the under what your minimum amount is well, actually use this amount when we start to catch actually, your mark ups and everything, so that way you're not getting any online estimates through online bookings for less than what you would work.

They go out to as your minimum. Okay? There's a bunch of other cost drivers in here as well, which people can check out some of her tutorials.

I want to. So show you guys something else knew that we we've done. So this is questions. So in some of our previous videos that we've done with you guys, we should have demo where we had pre set questions.

Um, that was good when we first started out. But the problem is, a lot of cleaning companies price different ways. They have different questions that they want to ask.

Um, so that really wasn't, um beneficial for everyone to sign up and use it because some of the questions we had might not match their pricing. So what we did is we allow we've created this system question. We're now anyone can go in here and create any type of question that it wants. So if i'm going in here and creating a question, um, like, do you have any pets?

Yeah, and then if I put um, this is a maybe a radio button and I put a yes. Then I can go here and say okay, well, I want a 10% added the total where if I put no, maybe 0% added to the total.

So now, when you go into your quick questions and someone answers that it runs, it will run that it'll ask them that question and then take these numbers into account when you're actually running through your estimate.

So we have we have different types of questions in here, so you can you can create a drop down a check box. We recently had a text area that's not necessarily going to add any text.

So you want, um, do you have any additional information section or how? How can we get access to your home or get into your home or something like that? That could be a text area where people can just simple.

We just type in their extra information that you might want when they're filling out that up. Estimate. We also so, um, if you remember correctly, uh, our widget. So this is a widget pages. So our widget originally was a five step process. The first thing that we asked you for, where was your address and contact information.

Um, let me see if I can find an old for example. So this is what our old wood it looked like. So i'm just going to run through this real quick.

Sure. So if I just put my address is so the first step, here's this second step where it pulls, you can see a put in square footage. Bedrooms, bathrooms.

If I click. Continue. These are all the questions. So these are some pretty set questions that I had in here clicking continue.

Asked me for my name. Click get estimate, and it's going to show me my estimate. So the difference is, is now what we allow you to do is actually building out your widget.

So all of the modules that you saw in those different screens that was a five step process. Okay, but maybe maybe for your cleaning business, a three step process, this will work better.

So what we've done is we've kind of broken everything else you can see here is a collect address and everyone can go in here. They have their own.

You can add different pages. You can move these different elements around anyone. How you want that page display. You can delete that page if you want. Um, this is the confirmed square feet, so you can see there's different modules here. Here's a push to the nice job. So if I have a nice job, um, if I want to push my estimate into nice job, I can do that that way.

Um, we also have a push to send you, which is right here. Um, so we do integrate with some of our immigrations arson, jim. And for those who don't know what is nice job very quickly and send jim, what do they do?

So nice job dot c o is actually be a, um, we actually have it. If you go to come in this wave dot com forward slash. Nice job.

Um, we have a landing page here, and basically what nice job is it allows you to collect reviews. So any business, especially right now with covid over it and everything else going on, you're gonna but this could apply to any business. Doesn't have to be resident.

So cleaning, which is actually what caused his way. Just geared towards right now. Um, any type of business should sign up with nice, because what you can do is you can send out automated responses when people actually, um, have done have used you used your business.

They can sign up with nice trip, and i'll send out automatic reminders for them to review you on google and facebook different platforms that they integrate with. So it's an automated tool to be able to get reviews for your business.

Um, what we've done is we've integrated directly with them, so if you have little witch it here, we have a tutorial video on how to do this integration.

What you would do is you would drag this little module over into page two, for example. In this, in this instance, we can put in your company idea.

They have a sdk public key that you'll get when you have an account. What it'll do is when people go through this first step, it will collect their address and collect their contact information, and when they get to step to it will actually send all of that information directly into nice job.

That way, you don't actually have the key it in. You don't have to do any kind of manual century within st john. The only thing you have to do on some jobs and is be able click the button to send the review request okay, actually booked with you going to do some more integrations with nice job down the road as far as automating the review process and maybe even sending a schedule of notification over for into nice job to be able to do that. So that's definitely down down the pipe. Um, send him. What sent him does is it's send jim dot com and we all so have a landing page for that. So if you get a compass wave dot com forward slash forward slash center jim, um, what's engine is?

It's actually a postcard mailing a type of program. So say, for example, you have an address in here, and you want to, um, sir, about their automated videos there.

Basically, you can send postcards to different addresses. So when you when you have r immigration setup, it will automatically put that information into some jealousy.

We'll add a tag so that you know that that lead has actually come from compass wave, and then whether not anything has actually been sent so if I click on these boxes, you can do a quick address sense and say you want to send, like, a postcard or any kind of promo material.

Or maybe you want to send something to this person's house and all of the neighbors. You can do that with some of their things within syndrome.

So, um, it's a really cool soft or for marketing, um, and to do basically mail marketing. Um, so these are the mom was here. I'm gonna actually run through the other thing. I want to show you guys to which we actually just released this last week. So normally, when you go through a website and you look at the second page, it just kind of fresh. Is that page right?

There's not any kind of cool animation or anything like that. Well, we thought that was kind of boring. So we added these different positions where you can actually go between the pages, you can slide it up, you can slide it down, you can slide it left, slide to the right, swing, left, swing right.

And then we have have this cool one, which is thinner snap, which kind of it makes everything disappear on the screen. Okay, um, so i'll actually kind of demo.

That's real quick. Yeah, for sure. So let's see here. If I put in my address here, her name and step so this one will slide left, and then this one is actually we're gonna do a swing. So if I click net next, you'll see a kind of swing.

Okay, so but those are those are some of the animations. Um, do you have any questions on that or no, what? I'm trying. I want to put myself in the in the eye of your potential customer.

So they go to so a customer there customer or their prospect lands on their website, and that customer is able to punch in their address, the residential address, and it's going to tell them that that is a two bedroom, three bath or three bedroom, two bath house, 1800 square feet, whatever it might be.

And then you can add some extra questions like, do you have pets or what have you? Or carpet or hardwood? To understand the cleaning capability, and that's going to have a variable in there that you can actually go. There's a pet. I'm going to add an extra three cents per square foot or whatever it might be for that extra cleaning time. And that customer is going to get a very accurate quote right then and there. And then they can book right then and there with you, uh, about that time?

Yeah, exactly. So, um, so we send an email notification after each. That's what some of the this module. So we have a company email to customer email module. Well, so it's whatever step put that in. Once the, um, and customer get to that step, that's where those actions are going to happen.

So, uh huh, and then we do have some other cool capabilities where you can back to the pages and other things we've we've kind of really taken.

The whole estimate approaches new. But you see a lot of online booking systems out there where they have kind of a static layout. Um, we've kind of taken that status click layout and really made it so that you can build your own layout, build your own process on how you want this information sent through this system.

An example that I did with don't have. I didn't have the booking of appointment modules over there, but yeah, you can you can definitely book through there, and it picks the best times, um, that are more optimal for your cleaning, because cleaning companies can go in here and they can basic basically set up their schedules, their verification schedules, and it'll basic we go in there and then only show available available times during those times less.

So you never double booked. It won't ever pick the same time, right? Yeah. No, that's very that's very handy. Um, one of the things I really like about it. I mean, obviously, uh, if you just take I don't know, an average call.

Um uh, me calling in someone talking to them. They ask how many square feet my house is. Do I have pets? Are you know, an actual conversation?

Of course you want to have that touch with that customer. But that generic conversation about how many bedrooms and stuff I have instead of taking 15, 20 minutes of my time or my employees time, um, you can get a very accurate quote to somebody without them happen to talk to you.

And I think people really like that, you know, um, especially now. Nowadays, you know, they they're busy. They're stress. There's things going on, things that we go on and book, uh, their their place to be clean and have a very accurate quote without talking to anybody, right? It does playing with the lead generation part of it, too. Because if you're if you're just putting prices out there for any business, if you just put prices on your website, um, people are going to look at those prices. It's either going to be too high, too low, and you might lose those leads.

So with our type of software with not showing the price until they've actually entered in certain pieces of information, you have that information now to mark it out to them, reach out, try to close that deal even if they don't reach out to you first. You want to be the first person that reaches out to them, absolutely.

And now. So once they collect that email that you know that email address as well as your customer, that's obviously a lead. Um, where does that go?

So we have a sales database here, um, so if I go into sales, and then, um, we have a prospect database and then a customer database.

Um, you click on that, um, this will actually bring up all the information. Obviously, i've done ran a lot of estimates with my address here, but, uh, you kind of see all of this information and then the house, the square footage when it was ran, there's pd gets on the right here as well. So this is an estimate.

Pdf, that kind of shows you what questions were asked what the pricing was. That kind of information. Okay, so but, yeah, all the information is stored in an on line sales database that people can.

We also we have a search if you wanted to type in certain information, and it will automatically filter it out as well. Um, so that way, all of your information, it is easy to find.

Um, I think the other thing. An export button there so they can export and put it into an email marketing campaign if they want. Yes. We actually have an export into sell um, into a c s v database.

You can import into other market getting channels. We also do have an export specifically formatted for quality driven, which is another industry very related software within the cleaning industry on the weekend. So we just have a quick export for them.

But, um, yeah, we do export. All of the information is all the question information. All that address, name, email.

Very cool. Very cool. And so if someone's interested, um uh, in in learning more and what have you I know you have a special going on right now because of the new, uh, the new tools and promoting it.

Um, so tell them a little bit about that. Yeah. So, um, if you actually go to our website compass wave dot com for forward slash, sign up the discount code of thankful will give you 25% off your first year if you he decided to sign up for a 14 day free trial.

You can also visit our web site. Just cut this wave dot com and we have a demo, um, for him on there that you can fill out and get an online video on the kind of guy that walks you through some more details of our software.

Wow. Very cool. Now you said you integrate with brazil. Oh, so this is the addresses and that for everything in the in the united states, is that correct?

Yeah. Yeah. So, um, zillow does have an api available where we can pull in that information. Um, it all only works for the u. S. Customers. Unfortunately, yeah, but our software in general well, do have some canadian companies that are canadian and cleaning companies that actually using our software, right? You know, i'm the only the only downside is the square footage is not automatically filling it. Um, so that that that but it's still there. The home hunter would type that in, but it doesn't automatically north. And yeah, that's a minor detail, but, uh so but and then you're able to put put your calculations. So a dollar square foot, they put in 100 square feet giving their quote, right?

Yeah, exactly. Plus any questions that you would go in there and add depending on what? You're what your questions are. Excellent.

Well, I mean, you've obviously spent a lot of time and you and your and your team putting this together. Um uh, you are you noticing a lot of people online going more online through covid. Uh, our sign ups and demos have definitely increased over the past year, especially with a lot of our releases to we're doing some integrations.

We like. I mentioned we have an integration with nice job and sent jim, and those have actually helped. If you are, then jim customer, you can actually go into their member portal and we're now added into their integration partners.

You just go on the left hand side, there is another. And then if you scroll down compass waivers down here as well, then within sent with a nice job, um, they're also gonna be adding it connect as well.

You'll be able to integrate and find us through their, um, through their website. So those those integration part dealerships are definitely starting to help get the get the word out about our software.

Yeah, well, I don't I mean, I think anyone watching this is clear, clear and obvious that they can. You can see that there's a huge there's a huge value to to this, and a lot of cleaning companies aren't all that tech savvy, so this is a huge competitive advantage at a very a very reasonable price 0. 2.

So, um uh, yeah, I would encourage everyone to take a look at the, uh, try the demo. The 14 day trial.

Um, I know I would be all over this if I had a cleaning company. I've been telling a couple people about it, and, uh, I know one person in particular that signed up and the place I did the other day. I didn't have anything quite as sophisticated, but just being able to book online, I mean, I just did it right. I don't know if I would have gotten around to calling them. I think it was.

I don't know. For some reason, I think it was Saturday, but whatever it was, it was late. I wouldn't have got him on the phone if I phoned. It was 78 o'clock at night.

Right. Um, so I might have called them tomorrow or left a message. And all this phone tag? Nope. It was three clicks of a button and I was booked in, so makes sense.

Anything else you want to cover? Anything else that we've missed? I really know. Just that, um if you guys are interested in a free free demo. Sign up for the demo.

Um, I can even do a personalized demo as well. Um, if they don't want to sign up the trial right away, just visit compass way dot com. We do have a little chat bubble on the bottom, right, mom? So you can return to 14 through. There will be more than half happy to help you guys.

Okay. Well, that's fantastic. So, ladies and gentlemen, uh, we've been talking to mark lane, who is president of compass wave. And what's unique about compass wave is they specialize in residential cleaning companies and particularly bidding and estimating and making it easy.

And that is that's where you know, you can get a lot of making a lot of mistakes if you're bidding and trying to get a lot of quotes out. Um, very quickly, uh, it's easy to make mistakes. Easy to to not stay organized. This helps you stay organized.

Measure your quote, document quotes, and you can always refer to them at a later time as well. So check it out.

It's a market doing a great thing for the industry. Um, everyone's trying to push the industry online. I mean, covid has made people be more, um, tech savvy and and and, uh, go to the online, go to online.

But we're still not where we need to be, so, uh, so I appreciate your efforts. I know you've been working hard on this for the last few years.

Yes, thank you very much for having me on appreciate it. All right, everybody. You've been watching clean freak, and I will see you next tuesday, 12 pm pacific.

Uh, where we talk about topics such cleaning and the cleaning industry I made in rig. And i'll see you in the next episode, you know? Yeah, yeah.



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