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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello? Marking freaks. It's adon here. And today I want to talk to a little bit about email, marketing and email prospecting specific.

Now, there's a lot to it, but it's not complicated, but getting all the tools sometimes can be a little overwhelming for a lot of people, so they kind of shy away from it. But today, i'm gonna show you how to help increase the likelihood of getting an appointment or getting a response.

When you are prospecting through email, you're not gonna want to miss this. I'm gonna show you kill a little trick that a lot of people don't know about. Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mhm. Mhm. All right, so a lot of you know my history, right? I'm a sales guy that is becoming, has become is in the process of becoming a marketing guy.

And when you are prospecting or using social media, uh, let's call them digital tools such as email, text messaging and things like that.

There is an art and a science to it. Now, being a a sales guy, I very much rely on and have relied on my ability to make a phone call or walking somewhere, read body language, re tone and kind of tweak or adjust my message according to the response or behavior or vibe or interaction I had or received with the prospect.

But it was a really a rude awakening for me. Um, it took me a long time to recognize that when we are in the digital world and we are definitely in the digital world and covid has forced us into the digital world and quite frankly, I don't see it going back. I see it being maybe going back a little bit more like it was.

But a lot of people like virtual digital prospecting, like being contacted through digital. Um, it's a lot cheaper. There's less travel costs and all these things. So it's imperative that whatever normal goes back to after covid, whatever that looks like, this stuff is going to be extremely relevant to everybody.

And it's going to be relevant to whatever industry you're in very specifically. It's important to the janitorial cleaning industry because, uh, some of the things i'm going to talk to you about aren't so obvious aren't so well known in this sector, and in this industry where some of these things i've talked about and have learned.

And i'm going to show you if you're in a different industry such as tech as an example. Uh, it's, you know, some of this stuff has just been going on for a long time, and it's not new.

So what is it I want to talk to you about and show you? Well, i'm going to, uh uh, i'm going to get into that now. One of the things that I really struggled with and did when I first started in the marketing world is I just had an idea. I said, okay, i'm gonna send this email to somebody and I didn't think much about what I was writing, and I didn't think much about what I was saying.

But when we are doing email marketing, email prospecting, we have to recognize the most important thing we do is the subject line. And the subject line is like a book cover, right? We all judge a book by its cover. So if you've ever gone to a bookstore or even if you're on amazon looking at books, a lot of times the book cover makes you decide without you pick that book up and skim through it.

Or if you click on and investigate more about that book, and sometimes the book could be absolutely phenomenal. But if the book cover does not draw, you does not attract you does not make you want to look at it. The book doesn't get sold, and so when we're in marketing when we're trying to prospect, the subject line is very important.

The subject line is the book cover, and and, uh, email gets judged by the subject line. So the better the subject line, the more likelihood that someone is going to click it, open it, read it and respond to it.

So when we put ourselves in our shoes, what do we do? Well, we can sit there all day long and think of, you know, creating a great subject line, but you really don't know if it's going to be responsive.

You might think it's really cool. Uh, but it could. It could be a summer klein. That sucks, and no one likes. No one responds to it, you know, uh, in a different way.

But along the same token is when, uh, the four hour workweek book came out that actually had a few different titles, and what happened is they posted the title of the book on google for different titles and the amount of people that clicked. It indicated the interest level of the book.

And, of course, the four hour workweek drew everybody in and was hands down the winner and thus became the name of the book. But that was not the original idea.

And so, by testing the different book titles, uh, he was able to determine that that which was the best book title in order to, uh, sell his books.

Thus, without the name, the four hour workweek, it would have probably not done as well. But he tested it, and that's what we wanna do.

We want to test our emails and are subject lines. So depending on the program you use, uh, you know, then you will use that program. But with my program genital remarking solutions, uh, let me take you there and show you what I mean using this program. So it's important to recognize that we have our email, right? So i've already preset it ready here, and it's just an email that says i'm just checking to see if you are the person responsible for lead generation at company placeholder means it's going to change the name of their company to whoever sent it to.

Okay, so I have sent to 10 people. They all obviously work at 10 different companies. Uh, it's gonna plug in their company name as it sends out. So I don't have to do 10 emails and go abc company d f company h I j company.

Right. So we put that place. Children, if you aren't the right person to contact, can you please forward me onto the person I should contact?

Please advise. So that is a very simple introductory email to to elicit and ask for, you know, are you the right person or who should I speak to?

So I want someone to open the email. I want them to read it. I wanted to respond to it all those things and this is just one email out of a sequence that that I send as an example.

But the subject line here is what I want to really focus on and have you pay attention to the subject line in this email is grow revenue in 2021. Now, I also want to test it. I don't know that that's the right subject line, right?

It sounds great to me. I would probably click. It grew around 21. I'd probably click it, especially. It's january, but maybe my target audience doesn't. Maybe it doesn't resonate with them. Maybe. Maybe the most people think it's cheesier or whatever they think.

I don't want to think. I don't want to live in my world. I want to live in their world. So what do they would be? My prospects would be my potential customers.

What do they think? What do they like? What resonates with them? So i'm going to create that exact same email, okay?

With a different subject line. So i'm going to you'll see. Here. I got version one. I've got version two, so i'm gonna go to version two.

I can plug it in here and and sorry. That's the wrong one. I already have a virgin tucson go to virgin one. So if I open version one, okay, and i'm going to insert it into the thing exactly. Same thing I am just checking to see blah, blah, but this subject line is potential lead generation partnership.

Okay, so I have the exact same email gonna go out. And I have, uh, grow revenue in 2021 I have potential lead partnership, uh, potential lead generation partnership.

Which one is better? I don't know. And I can assume and I can let's say I have a list of 100 people. I can send it to the 100 people, but i'm risking it because I don't know which subject line is the best.

And that's what I want to kind of show you today. What we wanna do is we want to take our email list. So let's just say for easy, um, for easy, uh, example that the list is 1000 people.

So I don't want to send an email to 1000 people and then send the same email with a different headed to the same 1000 people write. What I want to do is I want to see what's the most likely success i'm going to get. Whether or not I send version one or I send version to do I send the one with the potential lead generation partnership, or do I send the one with the subject line.

Do I send the one on the subject line? Uh, grow revenue in 2021 so I don't know. So here's what we do to find this out. Now it's called a b testing in in the tech world.

But at the end of the day, it's it's testing its testing. Either a version a or version. The version one, version two.

Which one is better? So when I go to my program here, i'm going to go into campaign optimizer. Every program is different. They have different names. And what have you?

Um, but that's not the the example I want to show today. So here I have name your campaign. So i'm just gonna go. I'm gonna go, uh, show example.

Okay, so then i'll know what it was later. Now, in this particular thing, I have 2600 in this particular group. I have 2679 contacts now.

I can send it to all of them. What have you i'm going to send it to all of them. But I want you to watch what i'm about to do when I come here.

Choose your test message. So I have a test. 12345 I can do up to five different subject line so I can do the same email, but with a different subject line. Five times. I can test five different ones at one time. But I was just contested two for today, so i'm going to go to my to click here.

Sorry. Click here and i'm gonna go two. Where am I or am I or am i? Here we go. Okay. I'm gonna go version, ask for a referral, email. Want to ask for a referral, right? And i'm going to potentially generation partnerships. He says right there and then i'm gonna go to the exact same email, but with a different header, and i'm going to go to that one.

And I am going to get version two. There we go. So, you see, I have, uh, email one. Ask for referral.

Email one ask for referral. Potential lead generation partnership is the header grow revenue in 2021 is the better. So which one is going to do better?

I don't know. I could test another three. I could test five. So here is what it says. Now, you see, choose your test audience.

So, you know, I have 2900 in this 2659 in this particular group. I got a bunch of different groups here, as you'll see. Okay, so if I send it to 5% that is roughly 133 people, so I can pick, I can say tested to 10% or 27% or 18%.

I got tested with 5%. I think 5% is fine. 133 people. So what's going to happen is it's gonna send out both emails, but only 5% of my contacts in this group.

So it's only 25% of the 2600. So what it's gonna do, it's gonna send approximately, uh, there's 100 and 33. 5% of 2617 is roughly 100 and 33 in my head very quickly, so it's gonna send roughly 70 or roughly 67 uh, email 1 60 67 contacts and to send email to to 67 contacts roughly.

Okay. And when it does it's going to send them out and then you'll see right here. It says, wait two hours so it's gonna send it out and it's gonna wait two hours. I could make it way today I can make it wait two days. I can make it wait five hours, but you want to send it out and you want to give it time for the people it goes to to see who opens and clicks it.

And so what happens is it sends email one out. It sends email to out to 67 people. See some of the people, and it automatically measures which one does better.

So one might get a 10% open rate. Another one might get a 12% open right. It might get 27% might get 22% but each one is going to be different. It's almost impossible to get exactly the same. So one is going to do let's say 11% once you do 10%.

So that means that the likelihood of one email is going to get a higher open rate than the other one based on the subject line. And that's what this is going to do so now I say go out today or tomorrow or whatever. Whatever time I want, I press send and it's going to take my 2679 contacts.

Is it? Take 5% of those. It's gonna send one email header to one to half. Of that, 5% is gonna send another email header to the other half of the 5%.

It's gonna wait two hours. It's going to say it's automatically gonna say, uh analyzed. Oh, this subject line did better. And then in two hours from now or whatever I choose, it's gonna send the better response rate, open rate email header to the rest of the 2700 to 679.

So in two hours from now, it's gonna analyze which one's done better, and that's gonna send the better response email to my full database. And in this case, 2607 9. So again we could have done five.

We couldn't pick five. We could put three. So this is what you want to do because especially if you're doing prospecting on a regular basis because we want to get a system right so we want to sit back and say okay.

And we want to tweak the system and perfect the system, so we don't want to just say, oh, you know what? Uh, this I quickly do this email of the email sucks. Known response.

Known response. We want arts and sciences. So we want to start tweaking it. We want to send it out. We want to hey, we gotta love percent response rate.

Okay, great. Now, if we change one word if we shorten it, if we add this and we test it and we come to a decision that this is a successful email header that gets a good response rate, and then what do we do?

Then? We move on to email to write. Once we have email, one perfected, we move on to email to because as i'm talking about here, maybe only 11% open it.

So then tomorrow or two days from now, three days from now we send email to and we tweak that header. And so we are having an e mail campaign. A prospecting campaign, not a one time email.

It's a campaign. We send it out to everybody. Some people open it great. We then have a differently, then treat them differently, part of our prospecting process.

A whole bunch of people don't open it. We send them email to different header, different wordings, and so that is the process we do. So what we want to do in marketing in 2021 is we want to automate as much as possible because it is a huge.

It's a huge sorry. It's a huge cost to the organization is a huge cost to get a sales person to physically sit down every day and type an email or to phone a prospect right?

It takes time, and we're not cheap. And nor should we be. So let's automate the part that's automate herbal. Let's automate the prospecting. Let's automate the attraction as much as possible.

When we get a bite, let's automate the fishing rod, right? Throw the fishing rod into the into the water, right, and as soon as we get a bite, then we we start, we automate and we start tweaking it. And then once we get a fish on the hook, boom over to sales right and you might be marketer and you might be sales. You might have a marketing guy. You might then he or she might have passed it off to you.

Maybe you have a full team, but you have a mindset. You have marketing, you have sales. Marketing is automation. As much as possible.

Sales gets involved. They do the virtual calls. They do the zoom calls, they do the skype calls, they do the qualification. They do the asking, they do the discovery.

All we want to do is automate our prospecting as much as possible. And we can deal with sales can deal with the interested people. And we can automate a lot of the, uh, lookie loos. The tire kickers, right? We're just trying to.

All we're doing is putting fish fish bait into the water, right? We're looking for nibbles, looking for nibbles, looking for nibbles.

And then as soon as we get a bite home, then we pass that on to sales because sales is better, but more equipped, they have the process in place to then take that customer on a discovery call to find out what their needs and stuff.

But sales is too expensive, too busy, pulled in too many directions to be prospecting, closing, maintaining, prospecting, closing, maintaining.

We want to try to separate it as much as possible. I hope you found this of value. If you if you would like to have this done for you, then that's what we do.

That janitor marketing solutions with our marketing free program. And this is a an example of what we do. Are you and the janitorial supplies or services sector do you find that your margins are being squeezed and growing profitable? Sales is a struggle.

If you answered yes, the reason might be that you are using outdated sales and marketing tactics from ancient time like way back in 2010. But seriously, the world has changed as well as your customers and prospects.

But chances are your strategies have not introducing janitorial marketing solutions. We create content in the form of articles and videos. Just like this.

We post them on your social media channels such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and we send out this content in a personalized email marketing newsletter.

We also include a complete crm customer relationship management program, with every package starting at just $50 per month. Call us today for a free complimentary consultation or visit us at www dot janitorial marketing solutions dot com.

And let's take your sales and marketing into the future. Okay, so as you'll see hope you get from this this session that uh huh email prospecting is very much like a book cover. The subject line dictates the response rate and your likelihood of success. So you want to think about the subject line, and then you want to have two or three or four or five subject lines, and then you want to test them, and then you want to see which one does the best. And then once you know which one does the best, the system automatically sends it out to the rest of your contacts, and you have a process in place.

Two. Dr interest. That's marketing's job to prospect. Create awareness. And when the awareness is there and the prospect is ready to engage boom, pass them off. The sales hope you found this of value.

And I am eight and rig and you have been watching marking freak every Thursday, 12 pm, pacific. I will see you in the next episode. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.



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