Sales Prospecting Rotting Business Cards


 Today I want to talk to but lost opportunities and wasted money wasted investment. Ah, poor return on your investment. What I mean by that?

Well, how many of us sales people or how many of you sales managers have your sales people going out on a daily basis, making cold calls and collecting business cards? What do you do with these?

If you're like most people, they sit right on the desk and they rot but you need to think about it. How much did it cost you for your sales? Over. How much of your time for yourself? What did it cost you of your time in your day?

To walk him to wait to ask the question to ground business card on who you should speak to if you add it up. It's hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, depending on this size, your sales force.

So what should you be doing? What life you like many of us. You let it get the best car, sit on here on the desk and you might call them back never in a few months.

The problem with that is that you are no longer aware you're not in the consciousness of that prospect. So here's what you should do. Simply asked the prospect. When you get a business card, say we have a weekly daily monthly newsletter, video, whatever it is, may I send it to you?

Did you know that not one person has ever said no to me? Doesn't they're gonna watch it, watch it, read it or open when it does mean is that you have opportunity to stay in front of that customer.

So when you capture their information and then simply use a small, cheap little program, you can use janitor marking solutions you use. Male chimps use. Get response you can use.

There are hundreds of different mail email marketing programs out there as much as as much is free and for less and $25 a month. So what do you do with these business cards?

It's very important that you capture the information and then you present yourself and be in front of the prospect as much as possible was relevant content. You have to be doing this if you're not doing it. You're missing a huge opportunity.

Something. Think about im adon rigg with janitorial marketing solutions and i'll see you in the next video



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