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 welcome to janitorial marketing solutions I'm your host Adon Rigg and today we are going to continue the discussion on the five pillars of selling of having a sales strategy.

Now, if you have watched the last few episodes and you can see that we talked about the 1st 3 pillars, we spoke about the importance of positioning. We've spoken about the importance of prospecting and help positioning and prospecting go hand in hand.

We've spoken about the importance of having your message, and your message underlies everything you do. It underlines your prospecting, and it underlies your closing or your lead conversion.

And that's what we're gonna talk about to day. We're gonna move into the sales aspect so you can see that we are. Story is the centerpiece that lynch's it together positioning, prospecting, lead generation or marketing activities.

We move in today that once we have our message, we move in tow where we get a customer on the phone or we get in front of them. But we're now we've created the lead.

Now it's time took close out lead. We've got someone interested to meet with us. Maybe it's a webinar. Maybe it's a phone call. Maybe it is a personal person face to face meeting, but now it's going to be a conversation.

So now we switch over from marketing and we put on our sales hat. And a lot of companies have two divisions that have sales development. Robson. And they have, um, account managers or closes, if you will.

They have someone that creates the leads and have some that closes the leads. You know, it's very hard to have someone that does all of them very well, as you can tell that there is a lot of different activities that create the perfect sales process or sales structure or a sale strategy.

So today we're an taco is we're gonna move into sales. We've done our marketing, gunnarsson. Now we're in the sales, and that starts with persuasion.

Now all of these pillars fit together, meaning that yours persuading when you're positioning your persuading in your prospecting, you're persuading when you're telling your story, right? They all go hand in hand. But there comes a time when each skill set has more is more important with each skill set has mawr focused on that particular activity.

So when we're in front of a customer when we're going to be face to face our voice, divorce, whatever is in front of them trying to convert them. We've gone from prospect into closing.

We need to re aware of of persuasion and persuasion techniques. Now there's a lot of things that go with persuasion, right? It's easier to persuade some that knows you trust you, likes you, holds you in esteem.

If you would be very easy for your favorite sports star to persuade you would be very easy for your favorite active to persuade you as opposed to something that you didn't know.

So persuasion can come from that that point being well positioned. But we don't all have that capability and that that luxury of being able to position ourselves like that.

So what we want to assume is that we've been that we've positioned ourselves enough to now have a meeting, or we've passed the baton on to the closer or it's been passed on to us. However your process works.

But now we're putting going into sales. Now we're gonna try to close the sale, so there's a lot of things that go with persuasion. But the one thing I want to make you aware of is that you need to set the customer up to have an awareness and expectation when you first get to the meeting on what they can expect.

So you might say something along the lines of mr prospect. Thank you for meeting with me today. What I wanted to do was ask you some questions to determine exactly the activities or the outcomes or whatever is that you do hear and see if if we might have a solution to that, you might have asked a few questions.

And you've done if you've gotten permission to ask questions, they know the type of questions you're gonna ask, and you they know what you're trying to do. So now that they there at ease, like okay, i'm not gonna be asked these questions I don't know anything about.

Do you want to be able to best way to ask questions? Is the go process and that is goals and objectives. So what are their goals and what are their objectives?

Okay, so as an example might say, uh, mr customer, I know I checked out your website and you are a you've been in business for five years, and it looks like you do quite quite a lot in sales.

You might let me ask you a multimillion dollar company. $5 company were about $5 million. Great. Where do you where do you want to be in the next five years? You know where they want to be.

Now you can ask, find out how to help him get there. So you setbacks. Okay, so you know their goals and objectives as an example.

Maybe their goals objective is just to reduce employee turnover. Neighbor goals injectors is just to, uh, keep more students or get more students in their facility.

Whatever it is, you know where their goals are. Now, you ask them questions on their objectives and on their operations on on what their operations are so that you can then figure that so you would ask questions like, great. Now, what have you done recently to try to make sure you keep those students what has happened in the past?

Okay. And you ask questions. So you understand their, uh, their process. Then you might ask something along lines up. Okay, so you want to reduce import?

Uh, this student, uh, students sick days. So you know, what can you describe to me the cleaning process that you have?

Can you explain to me the way your your shift works? Can you explain to me the type of vacuums you use? Can you explain to me the type of cleaning products you used, can you and your asking about their operations?

And can you tell me what is the ph of those products? And you're asking questions that, you know, on a lot of these they're not going to know, but they're gonna go.

They're gonna start going on this person's afrisam deep questions. I can tell they know what to do. I can tell they haven't answer here. And you don't want to give that answer.

You want to lead them to the solution. So they search, recognized through the questions. You're asking that why is he asking the ph of product?

I never thought about that. This is how what they're thinking as you're in front of their thinking to themselves. Okay? And so now you ask them, you know, mr customer meal, if we could help you achieve this, what would that look like?

What we're doing business with. You look like how would we go about doing that? And what you're doing now is your fine tuning to get an objective to get a set of tangibles.

So when they say you have to do this in this in this, you set those parameters now. So so it's like, ok, we would have to test the products for two weeks and we would have to achieve x, y and z. And if we got that, then we would have the business. Then we could have a business.

And that customs is yes. Now you have parameters set. You persuaded them that they know you have an answer or solution, and now you have fine tuned what change looks like?

Of course you need the document that in an email, but you need to make sure that you and the prospect on the same page and that's where we get into the next pillar and the next pillar takes it. So where we we start, really start selling were already and selling, cause we're asking the questions, but we kind of change our perspective, kind of change the questions we ask, and we're gonna achieve that an attack that look at that in the next video.

So there you have the first pillar is positioning second pillars prospecting. The third or the linchpin of the whole process, is profit creation and the first step in closing a lead conversion. Converting your leads is on persuasion now.

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