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Hello, everybody eating here and today I am excited to talk to you about something I've mentioned before. But I really want to focus on it because it's something that I have personally experienced recently by being in some facilities that were impacting my health even though they were being cleaned.

So that is indoor air quality and some things that we need to really look at in the industry to make sure that we are performing the tasks properly to, uh, to clean, not only for appearance but also for health being obviously a lot more important than whether or not the facility looks good.

It needs to be clean from microorganisms and three particular evils, which is what we're going to talk about today. Now, I invite you to join the 31590373 to 5 or 31590 freak and, uh, join the text message group, which we send out regularly messages for, uh, the industry, different topics, different subjects, different interests, different events.

Uh, so you get that information. So today I want to talk to you about the three basic pollutants, if you will, or you know the three basic evils that plague our industry or plague our health so much. And the reason I want to bring this up again today is because yeah, recently I have been experiencing.

I was in a an office and I was experiencing some immediate time. I as soon as I came in to the facility within a few short minutes, maybe five minutes, tops. I was sneezing, and I was alarming people because we're during still, during the time of covid and anything you do, whether not your cough or you sneeze or what have you, you can see people are very kind of, uh, petrified.

They're not sure whether or not they need to be concerned or not. And so, unfortunately, that's kind of the time we're in right now that are common cold or something that can be misconstrued or make people worry that perhaps you have the covid 19 flu. But the thing that I recognized is that when I was in the facility three particular times in the last week, when once I was in there, within a few short minutes, I was sneezing and my eyes were watering.

Now I still don't know exactly why it was, but I know it's one of these three things, and so that's why I want to talk to you about today. So when we're cleaning, we need to recognize that cleaning for health is the most important, right? We can do all kinds of things. But if we if we don't have the facility healthy, meaning that the indoor air quality is healthy, it's, uh it's vibrant.

It's keeping us alert. Then there's a negative, which we know can really impact cognitive function thought math scores reading scores workday, six days.

Productivity. There's all kinds of different things that poor indoor air quality in a facility in a building can have upon us. So what are those three things that we need to look at?

Well, the 1st 33 are reduced. Particulate reduced docs and reduce biological. So let's spend a few minutes on each of these because some of them are logical. Some of them are. We think of some of them we already know, and some of them we might not be so aware of.

So when we talk about would reduce particular what are we talking about? Well, that's just a nice fancy word for kind of dirt. But it's not just er, right, there's paul, and I have my screen a little bit bigger here for you.

There's pollen. There is. Yeah, mhm. So we have we have, uh, pollen.

We have dust before they come into the building. Right? So these are the things we want to try to get rid of before they come into the building.

This reduces the cleaning costs and approves the health and safety. Now, many of us know that the challenge being is that we bring this in through whether the windows are open, whether or not we don't have proper matting.

So whether or not the seasons are changing, we're going to be hitting into, uh, march very soon. So we start getting into, you know, kind of spring.

We're gonna be about a month away from springs. We start to get different, uh, different things in the air that affect us. And so what we want to do is we want to make sure we're reducing the particulate or the dirt or the dander or the pollen that's in the facility now.

Hepa filter vacuum hepa filters filtration within the building are very, very important. All these things play a very important role in, uh in cleaning, but specifically in the health of each individual that's in that building.

Now we know there's a financial cost associated to it, right? If someone is not thinking clearly, if someone is feeling ill, if someone is being feeling foggy headed, they simply do not work as well or as efficiently as they would if they are feeling 100%.

And so that has an impact on the financial viability of the organization. Someone's not working as productive. Someone's not thinking is clearly a sharply not seeing things the way they could. Uh, so it's kind of like imagine having someone that is playing a professional sport and they're hurt, right? They might still contribute. They might still be able to be, uh, impactful to the team and to the game, but they're hurt right there, injured. They're not going to be their best. They're not going to be the threat that they could be or usually are because they're injured.

That's how we have to think about this right when when the indoor air quality in a facility is not efficient, we are giving the employees. We are handicapping the employees, we are injuring the employees and they don't even recognize it.

And it comes down to the results. Is just as if you had a sports injury on a sports team. The results are not going to be as good as the player is 100%.

So produce in particular is very, very important. Now the one that I think probably is affecting me in the building is v. O c s. Now, these are things that that that I don't even know i'm not walking to the building. I'm not smelling certain smells.

I'm not smelling pine. I'm not smelling bleach, but the docs are volatile. Organic compounds off gassing right? Reduce the order in a facility.

Um, and when we do that, it improves air quality and productivity. So there's something in the air. It could be the dust that is. Everybody also could be some type of a residue that maybe is being used on the table tops or used in the extraction for carpets. It could be a number of things, but there's something that is affecting me, and so that's what I want to bring across today. I just want to want to make us all aware is the importance of recognizing the importance of underwear colleague now, like to take this moment to, uh, talk with one of our sponsors and our sponsors is uh huh janitorial marketing solutions. Now, janitorial market solutions helps cleaning companies either in the services and or the supply sector, cascade their message and stay top of mind with organizations.

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And let's take your sales and marketing into the future. All right, so we know with covid 19, it's forced everyone into the digital age so great something to consider. Now we're talking about the docs in the facility, but there's also something else that we need to look at and that is biological.

Now biological has become very prevalent during this covid 19 influenza issue. Now it is the, uh, micro organisms, the mildew, the mode, the bacteria, the moisture, uh, that is in a facility.

And so if we are not cleaning and disinfecting efficiently, then we are leaving the those viruses, those potential, uh, microorganisms, those biological contaminants in the facility.

And that is where we start having some issues. So we're looking at reducing particulate. We're looking at reducing docs. We're looking at reducing biologicals, and when we focus on these three things, we're obviously going to have a clean facility because that is a byproduct clean by going after these three things, so when we have the proper products, processes and procedures in place, then what we can do is we know that if we tackle these three contaminants, these three evils that have an impact on into our quality and the health and safety of employees and patrons, then if we focus on these three things, we know naturally the facility is going to get clean.

So when we focus on health, we also focus on appearance. But when we focus on appearance first, we don't necessarily focus on on health. We focus on looking good here. We want to make sure the facility is disinfected, cleaned and sanitized, and that is naturally going to improve the indoor air quality, improved productivity, improve cognitive function, improve math scores, reading scores sick days. And the list goes on and on on the outcomes that we bring to the to a building by cleaning it professionally by cleaning it, uh, with sustainable practices by cleaning it with health and safety.

Top of mind. Now, if you've found this of value, give us a light. Consider subscribing to our channel. We come to you with clean freak every tuesday, 12 pm pacific time, and on wednesdays, we have a subset show, uh, sales freak.

And on thursdays, marking free. But what we focus on, we focus on being in a freak mode mindset. Because when we are sold out, when we are obsessed when we are fanatical, when we are a freak about something, when we are a clean freak, then we obviously take pride in what we do. We deliver better results.

And the end result is better health and safety for our friends, our neighbors, our customers and our children. So I mean rig.

I will see you next Tuesday, 12 pm, pacific. Take care. Mhm. Yeah, yeah, yeah.



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