Cleaning For Health Not Appearance


Today I want to talk to you about a conversation I had with somebody that is in the cleaning industry and they're fairly new. They called me looking for advice, looking to grow their business.

And when speaking to them, they actually said to me, well, you know, cleaning is cleaning, and the way it was said it was very awkward for me to politely challenged them.

So I used what I do as an example to try to persuade them to show them that cleaning is not cleaning. Okay? And so what do I mean by that? If we are out there trying to grow our cleaning companies while or not, we're selling cleaning supplies or whether or not we're selling cleaning services.

Cleaning is not cleaning. Anyone can clean, but cleaning professionally. Cleaning properly takes skill. It takes pride.

It takes knowledge it takes know how, but more importantly than that is when we clean properly, we're cleaning for health, and when we clean for health, we're not clean for appearance, were not a cleaning for a nice smelling room were cleaning for the health, safety and hygiene off people in the building when we clean properly, we are reducing the impact that cleaners, fragrances, odors, microorganisms, dirt pollen have on human health.

Well, you will hear a lot of people suffer from allergies. Well, people suffer from allergies as an example, they go into ah place and there's a cat. They have cat hair.

Well, they are being affected by the cat hair. If they actually analyze it, they could be affected by dirt pollen odors as well. So we associate cats with being allergic to cats. For some people, uh, by their eyes, watering by them sneezing what have you?

Well, that is what proper cleaning eliminates. It eliminates the poor health in a building, the effects on people. So cleaning is not cleaning.

Cleaning for health is what we want to do. And when we clean for health, what we do is we improve cognitive function with people by 61%. We improve productivity by between two and 18%. We improve absenteeism, we improve math scores. We improved reading scores. We reduce water consumption. We reduced packaging consumption way reduced turnover.

There are so many things that we do that we need to acknowledge this and we need to make sure that the market understands that cleaning for health is much more important than cleaning for appearance


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