Email Prospecting Secret Tactic; Everything you need to know about Email Marketing in 2021


Hello, johnson nation. it is eating here with another episode of marketing free. and today I'm going to share some interesting stuff with you. I think you're gonna find a value now, one of the challenges of marketing or when we put on the prospecting hat, which is what marketing really is. a big part of marketing now is lee generation driving, revenue-driving awareness.

But we know email is a big part, right? we use our phones, we use email, we use social media. email is a big part of the prospecting process, and some people like to advocate email first then a phone call.

And some like to say, phone calls and email. um, potato, potato, right. it's really up to you. but when you are a prospect and when you are putting on your prospecting hat, we want to have our information, our content, our contact information. we want to make the data as good as possible.

Uh, I learned this the hard way. there are a couple of things you can do that you don't really know. so let's say you get an email list of 100 people, right? and you send that email out well if you send it out and maybe you're using google. uh, if a few people unsubscribe or uh, they or they put it into the state spam or something happens within the filters.

What happens is that even though you just did a non-spammy email was just a prospecting. email is just a hello, can you tell me who I speak to or are you the person in charge of whatever?

Um, if your email provider, uh, finds that you're sending too many emails and their debt accounts, that means they're the emails are dead, that they're going into spam, that they're not valid emails. what happens is your domain gets tagged and it is a very bad thing because if your domain is www dot ABC dot com and your email addresses, say sales at ABC dot com, then if they label you the filters label you as a spammer, regardless, if you are or not, what happens is that almost every single email you send is going to go into your prospects spam folder, and we know that nobody sees the spam floor. so, therefore, you're going to sit back and do all my email.

Uh, email is not working. people aren't responding to the emails when in fact, what it could be is that they're not even getting the emails.

So it's important to recognize that we analyze that we have good data, right? and as I said, I learned this the hard way. it was an innocent, uh, normal email.

Absolutely nothing. you know, sales spammy or slimy about it, but, uh, whatever reason, uh, my sister put out too many that day or something happened, and it took a week or two, maybe even three weeks before I even clued in because it was new to me.

And so you're out there doing efforts are doing trying to email, marketing, trying to get lee generation, and they're not even hitting the inbox.

So a few things to do to avoid this is number one is don't send massive amounts of emails with the same subject line and even with the same body, but definitely with the same subject line, sends them out like that with one subject line, sends them out with another subject line. um, and a b. test it. what does that mean?

It means you created an email that you think sounds great and then create five or six subject lines just like you might. if you're writing a book, you might get five or six design covers and analyze which one you like better.

And sometimes you know it's very close, right? this book cover is just as good as this one is very close. so once you have some subject lines that work for you, uh, then break them up.

But that just helps, right? other things you can do, like make sure your email is safe and t k. I am approved. so that takes a tech guy about a car that does that.

Um, what that does is just tell the, um, email provider and stuff like that that your email has been validated. it's legit. you're not some person in some far-off country trying to get people to give you a million dollars in your bank account type of thing, right? so it kind of verifies and lej. it's the process.

But what I really want to talk to you about today is email verification. so it's one thing to collect a bunch of email addresses. you can do that through Linkedin, you can do that through, however, you do it.

You can go to websites and get the email addresses you can go to info Canada. you can go to f. o u s a. you can do a whole bunch of different options, but at the end of the day, you don't know if that email, if the emails you have are valid, are good.

And so if you don't do what i'm about to show you, what can happen? what will probably happen at some point is that your data is going to be bad too much to too many times, and you're going to get flagged as a spammer. and it's almost not worth, uh, sending things anymore from that email address from that domain, actually, so you want to avoid us.

So if you're getting into email prospecting, email marketing, what you want to do is you want to validate the emails you get. so let's say you have a list of, uh, emails, and it could be 100 203 100. what you want to do is you want to put them through a filter that validates and says yes, these emails are good. that means they're going. they're legit.

They're not some catch all some junk email. they're legit. means it goes into, uh, inbox or somebody else's. so the way to do that is to use a program. now, they're usually pretty cost effective.

There's some ones out there that are there's some different ones out there, and then you're good, but the one that, uh, I want to show you is, uh, gonna use and show you.

Um, so this is off screen. stop the screen. I want to show you number one. so what I use is a program called clear. oh, now it doesn't matter what program you use. what matters is that we are using the we're using something.

Right? so I just I just grabbed the wrong one here, so right. okay. so on the first page here, I want to show you.

So i'm having some problems getting the right one, so share mhm. and I want to use mhm. okay. anyhow, what i'm going to do is an expert at this, and hopefully we'll do this one for me and to share my screen.

So there we go. this should work now. so what? we have here is this is an example of this is clear out. so i'm just gonna show you some basic things first, and then i'll show you kind of exactly how it works. so what this is is a email validation and verification service you can see and they claim a 98% plus accuracy rate.

So don't let the honeypots hard balances or non valid emails mess with your email delivery. validate, verify and clean your email list in real time.

So what, this is going to do this or other services like it is? it's going to, uh, is going to take the emails do have and make sure they're legit and they're valid. so there's lots of different features here.

You can look at it at your own time. this clear out there, zero bounce. um, there's a whole bunch. others just google zero balance and they'll find their competitors or clear out. you'll find their competitors.

So they claim at, uh, you know, accurate results after about pricing accelerated turn around and, uh, good on any device. so, um, they also have an integration.

Works well with different integrated, um, programs. I simply don't use it for integrated, but they work with mail, chimp and active campaign and, uh, a bunch of others.

So what I want to do is want to show you what this basically does. so i'll make sure you can actually see my page here, and you can't. so let me share another screen, stop the screen and let me mhm.

Yeah, there we go. thank you. yeah. okay, so we got there. there we go.

So what, this is, is this is clara, and this is my, uh, my my assistant. so but what we do here is we simply can, uh, add a list.

And so all we do is we upload an excel list of our prospects. you want to have first name the last thing, preferably company name and email, but you definitely want to have a first name and email at the bare minimum and you upload the list.

It's gonna take a few seconds. it definitely won't take too long. and what happens is that you the list comes and it looks just like this. and what it's gonna do is in this case, I upload 377 emails.

It validated 233 or 62% of them invalid, was 46 of them, or 12% and catch all 81 of them were 21% went to work. catch all.

Now what a catch all is is. that's kind of like, kind of like a random email, a random email that doesn't really serve you too well.

So what does that mean? it means it's a catch-all. it's not aiding at it, maybe info at whatever. and it takes all these emails, puts them into one spot.

So you really don't want to use catch-all because no one is going to get them. so when you upload this list, as you see here, I have 377 emails.

I have, uh, 233 that are valid. that means that it's saying they're good emails, and so that's why I want to use. and so in a matter of a few moments, literally within a minute or two, I can download an excel, that spreadsheet, and I am ready to rock and roll.

Okay, so that's all you need to do. you need to focus on the email address is making sure that your email is set up for s p f d k. I am, uh I'm not a tech guy. higher that out, but it doesn't cost too much.

And you number one. make sure that your email is has a lot better chance going into the inbox of, uh, your prospect of the people you're reaching out to number two is you want to upload your list into a provider such as as, uh, clear out or again, there are others.

They're going to validate the emails, and you just want to have valid emails. so you saw there that are 377 266 155. whatever was were valid, so about 30% were not good.

But I'm not gonna. I'm reducing my chance of being spammed and sending being labeled as a spammer and my those emails not going in. so this is going to help improve your delivery rate is going to help make sure you're not labeled as a spammer, and it's going to make sure that you have the best chance of your email prospecting. email. go to the inbox of the decision-maker.

Of course. how you write the subject line. how you word your email? uh, those all play into whether or not they reply to it, but someone can't reply to it unless it gets into their inbox.

So that is, uh, an important thing about email prospecting. so when we're looking at our marketing efforts, this is something you can do to make sure that you are prospecting with the highest likelihood of success.

I hope you found this of value marking freak is every Thursday at 12 pm pacific. I am a rig and you've been watching marking freak. I will see you in the next episode. mhm. yeah, yeah, yeah.

Because of him. mhm.


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