Have a little TACT when cleaning.


Today, I just want to talk about a very basic concept on cleaning. I continually am asked questions by people on how to clean something or what is what to do, what product to use.

And they kind of think it's all about the product, the product, the product and, yes, a product is important, but a product is only 25% of it.

So what I want to make you familiar with if you don't know what or if you've forgotten it is the tact principal t a. C t. And the best analogy or the analogy I like to use in cleaning is the following.

Imagine for a moment you are cooking something in a frying pan. Let's say it's eggs and they burn and you have burnt eggs in the frying pan. The question is, what are you going to do to clean it?

And if you're like most people, they'll say they're going to wash it. So what are you going to do if you're going toe washed in the sink, you're going toe what, you're gonna philip the sink with water.

Or you can use cold water or hot use hot water. You're gonna let the fire pan sit in the sink for a couple of minutes for a long time. The longer the better, right? Because we know the egg loosens.

We are going to use a cloth, or we're gonna use a scrub pad, or we're gonna use a brush where use something. And then also we're gonna use dish soap.

So whenever we clean anything, regardless of what it iss, we need toe, understand? Tact and tact is exactly what I just said with cleaning the dishes.

We have time mean the dish. The frying pan sits in the sink. We have agitation. Meaning we're using mechanical action or agitation on the frying pan.

In the form could be a cloth. It could be our fingernail. What have you it's agitation. We have chemical see for chemical. In this case, it is a dish. So and we have temperature and the temperature is the hot water.

And when we use all four, we usually get things clean, faster, better. If we are missing one, we have to make up another. So as an example, if we don't have the time, we have to boost up the temperature.

We have to boost up the chemical. We have to use a better scrub pad. Maybe a cloth doesn't work. Now we have to use a green scrub pad. When we lock one, we have to make up the other.

So to get anything clean, a good baseline to look at and to think and to remember is tacked t a c t time agitation, concentration, chemical and temperature.

Adon rigg. Janitorial marking solutions. I'll see you in the next video.


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