How To Prospect For Janitorial Sales with Kyle Jones


In this episode I speak with Kyle Jones a young rising star selling in the janitorial sector. Kyle and I discuss social selling and his process for staying top of mind for his prospects and his customers. Kyle discusses some unique and innovative ideas to stay front and centre of his prospects and brand himself at the same time

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About Adon Rigg:
Adon Rigg brings to you more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing including creating differentiation with a competitive advantage to drive profitability. He is an expert in sales training to boost revenue and customer retention.

With a passion for the sales process, he has worked his way from selling vacuums door-to-door to providing sales, training and public speaking services for Fortune 500 Organizations.

Adon Rigg has created The S.A.L.E.S Formula, an acronym-based selling methodology that outlines the steps involved in his new inbound and outbound sales process, outlined in his book Insightful Selling, to simplify the sales cycle and accelerate revenue growth.

He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia sales and marketing program, and has received the CME and CSE designations for distinction in sales and marketing management.

Adon Rigg has represented the province of British Columbia at the Canadian Association of Public Speakers Rising Stars Contest, and his S.A.L.E.S Formula Program has been incorporated into the Business Certification Program at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

Adon Rigg began his sales career at age 18 with no money, no home, and a grade 8 education. He believes that the key to success is to learn how not to simply sell product, but to create value by impacting bottom-line results.

Always eager to embrace lifelong learning, Adon's philosophy is that no matter who you're selling to, from the CEO to the entry-level purchaser; all buyers are either directly or indirectly responsible for their company's bottom line.

Adon Rigg is a father to 3 kids.

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