Labelling Issue During Covid-19


Hey Jansan nation it's Adon here today. I want to talk about something I see going out in the marketplace. Right now and that is lot of spraying of product.

There is a lot of people out there with their spray bottles of disinfectant, and they're spraying tabletops and desks and what have you? And though there is positives and there are negative that what I want to talk to you about today is us in the industry need to step it up and help those that are not by helping them protect themselves, helping them protect others.

Now what do I mean? Well, they are using the product, but they are not labeling properly. I see them grabbing a bottle, spraying a surface, putting it down, walk past or I look at the bottle and the bottle isn't labeled at all in a lot of circumstances, and in some circumstances it's ok labeled. So let's remember, too, help potential customers or just people in general using products how to use it properly or label it properly.

So let's refresh what to do. We know this number one. Make sure the name of the product is on. They're not disinfected, but whatever the name of the disinfectant is, envir care neutral, disinfected as an example.

Oh, it has the name. Then it has a reference to what you need to do to protect yourself. Ppe personal protective equipment. Most circumstances that's gonna be wear gloves, wear goggles, reference to protecting yourself.

And the third piece is a reference to the sdf. She please see sts sheet. Okay, because what this does is that keeps it makes a very complicated product in some circumstances and a mass labeling, and it reduces it down to three.

Easy remember steps. Name of the product, reference to health and safety. Protect yourself, ppe and a reference to the sds. She when you have those three things, then if somebody actually accidentally drinks the product or wants to use the product or what have you, they can look at the label. They say. I know the name I know I need to protect myself. And if I want more information, I can see the sds she so together we can help the marketplace adapt these new practice, but adapt them with health and safety as the primary focus.

Adon Rigg I will see you in the next video


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