Law # 1 - The 5 Laws Of Prospecting

Jun 10, 2019



  • For you to be able to lock horns and win the battle against your competitors, you have to do something they are nothing doing.


  • You need to have confidence in you and your person before trying to help your potential prospects.


  • If you want to be successful in today's business world, you need to think in frequency, vibration, and energy.


  • Use your insight and your knowledge to stand out and differentiate yourself, because your prospects need new ideas and concepts to do their job better.


  • Align your energy and focus with the law of attraction, action, segmentation and story; you would leave your competitors guessing.




What is energy? Energy in my perspective is a form of faith and belief, and as St. Paul said; "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." What does that mean? Well, St. Paul was only trying to say that faith means creating the invisible and making it tangible.


You see, emotion and energy are creative substance. Both are outward, and people can feel them. When you are prospecting, the law of energy resonates, and this makes it possible for your prospects to feel your confidence and enthusiasm. Likewise also when you are emotional, you resonate with confidence because you are at a higher vibration and different frequency than others.


Nikola Tesla said, "if you want to know the secret of the universe, think in frequency, vibration, and energy."  But the sad thing is, many do not know or speak about this secret. They have no idea that this is a determining factor of sales success.


When you are energetic, it becomes difficult for people not to get excited around you. Likewise, when you are emotional; people feed off your emotion. It's hard not to laugh when someone else is laughing; it's hard not to be sad when someone else is sad. When you are energetic and emotional, this can change the way your client sees you.


To further stand out, try applying the other four laws when prospecting - the law of storytelling, the law of segmentation, the law of action and the law of attraction. You'll find that the world bends for you. You will find out that the world starts to align with your desires because you are on a frequency of attracting what you believe.


See, faith and belief is the matrix to prospecting. When you have your energy and focus aligned with the law of "attraction and action," "segmentation and story," you are positioned to be in a place that your competitors cannot be. You are positioned to differentiate yourself and stand out.


The world needs more insight, and insight is a form of knowledge, and knowledge is the new currency. Use your insight and your knowledge to stand out and differentiate yourself, because your prospects need new ideas and concepts to do their job better. And if you can provide that type of value to your prospect, you will be indispensable, and also be a value creation seller to your prospects.


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