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Yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. mhm. well, mark, it freezes aid in here with another episode of marketing freak today, I want to talk to you a little bit about prospecting marketing on youtube, sorry, on LinkedIn now, uh a lot of you know about you know posting content, creating content on these channels and uh uh emailing through the articles on LinkedIn and more of the um content creation aspect of it and some of you know about you know, you can go in and do direct messages and uh grab email addresses and do outreach to people and prospect on an outbound prospecting um perspective, one of the things you might not know is the advertising capability of LinkedIn.

Now, I will tell you that it's not the cheapest format, it's uh something that really you want to be specific with. um if you spend, if you don't know what you're doing and you just kind of rush through it, you can learn the hard way as I have at times by placing and doing ads that don't really um benefit you.

But the ability to target the market on lincoln and advertise Arlington is there and there are definitely some great opportunities and possibilities with it. so having said that he's going to want to spend a few minutes a day uh quick uh program on what we can do to prospect or target market with LinkedIn.

Now I'm going to show you my screen and take you to my screen. so there we have. so what you're going to see here is this is an ads account.

Now the way you get an ad, you can create an ads account, it's fairly easy. are you uh you go to the working tab. I'm not gonna go there on the far right and you can click advertising and you'll get to the setup.

So this is more for I want to show you about being set up now. you're gonna see here the result of my, one of my many campaigns. so here I did a campaign on the email uh sorry on the webinar and I spent $100.

Put $100 spend now whatever you put as the spend you're going to spend lincoln is going to spend it. so if you say you're gonna spend 50 bucks, that's gonna spend 50 bucks.

If you save $500 they're gonna spend the $500. so you want to make sure that you're targeting properly and that you're not just blanketing but that you really are trying to target a particular person.

Um because if you don't mhm. then it could be very costly and not that effective. so I'm going to show you here. so here you're gonna see, I didn't add, we'll click into the ad because it defeats the purpose for today and takes me to another screen.

But you're gonna see I spent $100 now I had a total of 3,732 impressions. I mean it was impressed upon someone um in their view rather not it was on their phone or rather than it was on their desktop had 49 clicks.

Okay. um and an average click-through rate of 1.31. so I'm not sure if that how good that is compared to the industry average something I need to check into a little bit more but the average cost per m or CPM which is the total spend of your ad divided by 1000 impressions. so per 1000 impressions cost me $26.80.

The average cost per click is $2.04. and what I had here out here was to Leeds. now, what does that mean? these two people filled out a form and said I want more information.

And so um that's what they do now. uh they also send you lincoln will send you an email and you have a lead and you can see it costs me $26 $26.23.60 per lead. okay.

So that's kind of the uh result of the kind of the data you can get behind it when you're going to do an ad, you just click create a campaign and I'm just gonna go to next here.

And what it allows me to do is depend on what is my objective here? okay. is my objective to create brand awareness, right? is my objective to get website visits to get engagement, video views. so these are, where are we? are we in the cold, possibly the warm or the hot traffic.

So, people that don't know, you are probably not going to fill the lead generation form. um, they might do a web webinar, sorry, a website visit and they might do brand winner. so you're picking what you want kind of gives you right here what it does.

But just gonna go for today, I'm gonna show you on you don't really want to create a lead. okay, so lead your generation. now, it allows you to pick your cc says lead generation very at the beginning has 18 million target size.

Well, 18 million is quite wide and too much for me. um, but I want to go to a saved audience. so I go to cleaning ads. I've done this before.

Right. and so it's the united states and Canada and these are the groups that I'm targeting. so, people in these groups, building service contractors, groups, worldwide cleaning Jan Jansen supplies.

So these are groups um, that I've chosen to target. you see that by doing this and I'll take my target market down to 29,000, 34 are in business development, 26 are in sales, 20%, operations, four in marketing, 4% 3 in human resources. so you're gonna focus on the audience of your target market now.

I'm not gonna get into all of this today, but there are different things. I will get into these in subsequent videos, but I just want to make you aware today what I would suggest everyone starts with, which is going to be the least cost. you probably are list upload. so you're gonna upload a list of targets that you have.

So if you have a list of people that you're emailing, email marketing right now, then you would potentially put them here and upload the list and you can go through it and you upload a list, right? you just upload your csp file, you put the headers like they want, shows you right here what to do.

Very simple, upload it and now what it's gonna do is going to market to that list of people. so if you have 500 people, 1000 people, then um when they login to linked in assuming that the email address is the same, meaning that they're logged in under Gmail and they, and you have a Gmail account, then the ads going to show up to them in their feed. so it's a good way to make yourself visible to the people you want to be visible. so if you are a small building service contractors an example and you cascade the information and your and your email marketing and you're doing these things and you're posting to social media, perhaps you want to put a little bit of a spend and just pop up when they're on linked in their feed.

It's just another way to get eyeballs on you and it's a way for them to create awareness of. oh, there they are, there they are.

So it's something that, you know, it's, there are lots of different ways things you can do to create awareness and uh and get eyeballs on you and your brand. so I just wanted to spend time on that today, make you aware of it uh linked in advertising. there are lots of different advertisers who can do this one here. today is about uploading your list and upload your list and it's gonna market to those particular people.

Now in closing, I'd like to make you aware of an upcoming webinar that I actually have in a few hours, but we have it every Thursday, so if you miss it today you can log in and uh or sign up and register uh for next week's.

So I'm just getting the link here for you now, so thank god for this frank here. there we go. so now I'm going to stop the share and I'm going to share another screen with you share screen and I'm gonna go to mhm. yeah.

Yeah, and this is the page, that's the page I want, sorry, I'm not making this too easy, am I? do you want to stop the screen share? and we want to go there we go.

I click the wrong button, there we go. so this is a landing page and allows you to sign up for free. you see there's one in 46 minutes and then there'll be one a week today, same time.

So I'll drop it in the feed here. but uh make you aware of that. I'm Adon rig you've been watching uh marketing freak. we come to you every Thursday at 12 pm pacific, and I will see you in the next episode. mhm.



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