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Yeah, yeah. mhm. hello, everyone. it's adon here with another episode of clean freak. we're gonna have a special episode today and today i'm very excited to introduce, uh, kenny cottrill. i'll tell you what he does in a second, but he's got some unique technology that, you know in the day of covid is, uh, more heightened. people are very, very much looking for new technologies.

Kenny is director of operations for nevada bow has d com team out of nevada. and, uh, kenny, how are you doing? i'm doing great today. thanks a lot for the invite.

Looking forward to it. so before we kind of get into the technology and stuff because I think it's something that's great to share and and and make people aware. and what have you?

Um, most of us don't start off. you know, looking to get into the cleaning industry usually have some other type of thing. we fall into it. what happens?

Uh, what happened with you? how did you find yourself here? uh, well, you know, my background is actually a construction work for general contractor. four years. I probably built personally built by 2030 houses.

So when the whole covid, uh, scare hit. I was looking and started like a restoration company doing, uh, mold and mold and a flood and fire damage. uh, part of the mold.

Uh, certification has become virus decontamination. so once april april 1st, literally. we decided to start nevada biohazard with an emphasis on trying to see how what we can do to, uh, come back the covid it the covid 19 pandemic.

Okay, so so were you planning where you plan on this or did covid hit and then you plan it was something you were working for. I i was looking at going into restoration, but when covid hit, it was like a sign that means like, oh, I got to make this happen now.

So so one thing about, uh, with restoration, you start doing like mold and fungus is at the same time, morgan functional do with disinfectants.

So because of that, that's what made me want to really get into look into what kind of products. what can I do? survive this covid? because you know, when kobe first start everything start closing. like most most, you have to be like a essential business just to be working then. essential business. we're looking for disinfectant.

They're looking people come in and clean it. and we just found an opportunity. we we we just jumped right into it. okay, so, uh, let's kind of position really a little bit about restoration because not everyone that's watching this, you know, they get janitorial.

Yeah, they get cleaning and you do that. but restoration has a kind of its own niche as well, and you're going to go outside of that. so it's rip and tear, and I know the process.

Yeah, let everyone know about the process and how you how you do what you do. all right, so restoration starts like for, like, a few different ways. so, like, what is the first water restoration? water restoration is like a pipe burst in the house. the toilet overflows and all the sheetrock and comes wet.

So what we do, we come rip out the sheet rock, bring a dehumidifier. we're bringing air scrubbers to scrub the air, and we just try to make sure that, uh, to minimize the amount of mold spores that can grow because due to the moisture, uh, i'm a mold inspector and contractor.

Um, and that's that's that's the main part we do with the mold inspection. we also do fire restoration was a fire house burns down when you know when when the fire department comes, they really don't care. they're gonna throw water everywhere. you're still gonna have, like, open wall space, water everywhere and the same thing we cut, we dry out, we make sure there's nothing in the walls. and there's an odor. and there were running hydroxyl generator ozone generator, uh, which will split the hydrogen atoms. make sure like we remove the mouthpiece odor that is permanent throughout the house.

Um, other part we do. we do, uh, suicide cleanups, trauma cleanups. that's like one of things that we specialize in being las vegas.

A lot of elderly people. and just when someone dies, you know, when they died, people like the whole body's defecate.

So once the corner come pick up the body, we have to clean up the blood, clean up the the the oils and fluids. the body fluids are coming out body. so we we do that as well, too. um, and then we do a commercial janitorial, which is we start this is how we got really into the prevent x and disinfecting part because we start doing looking at from doing for schools, healthcare facilities, a lot of small businesses, warehouses.

So that's how we kind of got that's our niche. like, we're pretty well versed. but we we were pretty busy right now as well, too.

Yeah, I bet. I bet. so, uh, in the restoration, what about 80% of your of their jobs are roughly from my understanding, roughly water. and then you have fire flood?

Yeah. yeah, I would say 60% water. I have a lot of biohazard. I have a lot of biohazard stuff. um, like to work with the coroner's office and then fire fire is not so much. we had a couple of fire. we have a couple of fires.

We did. we set the crew out to california, where you have the well known california biohazard as well. to where we did a couple of fire restoration projects outside of riverside.

Okay. okay. yeah. I used to be quite entrenched, uh, someone entrenched in restoration with rochester, and there was no longer part of it, but there was someone else. is the restoration division.

And yeah, so so I got I i crc certified and you know, the whole bit. so okay, so now one of the main products that a restoration company uses, they use some some, uh, degree servers and things like that. but the main product that you especially to finish off jobs of water damage and things like that is signing off with the distance factor. correct. so once everything is cleaned up, you want to make sure, like like the one at the moment we know we got the mole removed.

We got because, you know, we got to move over, move on the surface. we'll make sure the surfaces are cleaned for the guys, go back and, uh, still back up, and they wanted to put in the shoot right back down.

Or as we're talking the flooring, we're talking about the, uh, new fixtures. we'll just make sure everything is everything is clean.

So with us being doing so many projects, we looked into getting into, like, partnering with, uh, certain disinfecting companies. we start and we start buying stuff in bulk. okay?

And that's what led us to become like looking at find out. what's the best product talk from hilliard? i'm talking clorox. i've talked.

Uh, ecolab. we're trying to figure out all who has the best and that also at the same time, who has the most, uh, in stock.

At one point there, there had there wasn't enough. there was enough demand for, like, the quantities. and we're still kind of running in some of those problems where the someone school system that might buy everything. so we start hedging are doing the same thing, uh, find out who has the best product and who were the best product as well. just buy in bulk so we can make sure we can make sure we're providing quality service to our customers.

Okay. okay. yeah. so let's dive a little bit into the into, uh, the disinfectant. predominantly.

Now, let me just preface is that when we first met, uh, talked about you being on the show? I didn't I didn't realize the private that you had. and as I did more investigation, i'm somewhat familiar with the product, or at least the product very similar to it. so there's some big claims about it. let's start down. let's start with the 40,000 ft view about what you know, what is it from the 40,000 ft view, and they will start first. we'll start from the getting our product.

Like first, we start with disinfected. supposed to disinfect? it is. it's basically a chemical that can kill the virus bacteria on the surface, and it only works when it's wet.

Uh, particularly have the well times that most people don't adhere to. but they have 12 times anywhere ranging from one million of certain products only up to 10 minutes, 10 minutes on other products.

So after the product is wet, it drives. there's really not that much more protection. you might get an extra 2 to 15 minutes out of it, but once it's that once it's dry, there's really no added protection.

And what does covid drain going on right now, we start looking at someone called someone puts their hand on something, and it just re contaminate the surface. what was the point?

So we started looking for, like what? what can provide me some type of shield during this process? so we found this product called prevent x 24 7, which is technically is an antimicrobial surface barrier and what it is is apply through with electrostatic sprayer.

It covers the whole surface. you allow the air dry, and after it dry you have this invisible shield, which has all these little microscopic needles. whereas, uh, most viruses or lipid membrane sales.

And when they when they fall onto the surface, they become impelled by the microscope. media is telling it instantly, whereas doing a mechanical kill as opposed to like what? what we're seeing right now is all these just in fact, it was the chemicals the the virus is starting to mutate.

So we're trying to figure a way that one we can, uh, slow down the mutation into these antimicrobial services. they last for like, 30 to 90 days for applications. depend on what your delusion rate's gonna be. okay.

Okay, so before we start diving a little bit about it, you kind of position it a little bit. let's, uh, let's set up the, uh let let's watch the video in today.

Proper sanitization protocols are more important than ever to maintain a healthy surface environment. frequent is infecting. doesn't cut it because even doing this 10 times daily surfaces are unprotected over 95% of the time.

How are we different from other products? disinfectants work while wet for once, try often. no further protection, leaving services ready for re contamination until they're disinfected again.

Prevent x 24. 7 is not a disinfectant. it's a bacteria static, continuously protecting surfaces against germs, mold and mildew for up to 90 days, depending on surface use.

The compound in prevent x 24 7 is safe to humans and is non toxic non leaching nonhazardous and doesn't promote the growth of superbugs. prevent text 24 7. it contains an e p, a registered antimicrobial that protects surfaces from over 100 independently laboratory tested pathogens and office continuous surface protection against cross contamination.

Prevent x 24 7. contains a static agent approved for use on both hard and soft surfaces, including fabrics. future cleanings become easier and treated materials last longer for a return on investment available in an affordable, fast and convenient spray and wipe or spray and walk away.

Applications are sold in ready to use and three times concentrate. we provide product in education to all types of customers. direct and distributors order yours today to purchase, visit www dot new era s o s dot com forward slash shop.

All right, so that's the video. so let me tell you a story, because we're going to dive into it. um, the first time I heard about this, my initial thought was bs, right? my initial thought was, come on, claims the claims. but then I know someone that I highly respect in the industry who's cleaning company has embraced it and has a division going after it.

So as soon as I heard that I was like, okay, allowed me to take a take a deeper look at, um so what is there about it that allows it to protect?

Forget 90 days, say, 30 days, like like as soon as I put like as soon as I touched, like sitting on a toilet seat and I let's say I i put my bum down.

How does that protect it? so what is it that it's doing that's unique? like I was saying, I started saying earlier. so it's it's a it's a you apply with electric taxpayer.

It's gonna conveniently bond to the service. it's not gonna just move after it dries and then it's like it has these little little mini microscopic needles that just just protect like anything that falls on top of it.

It impels it, killing it and and and that that that's the case. it's like the only way to really like like like, uh, break the shield, as I call it, is to scratch it.

Well, they have. they have to prevent sct, which you can replace the barrier, replace the body, replace the body molecules.

But that that was thing. it's a glycerol base, which means it doesn't wipe doesn't wash off because this product been around for about 40 years.

Uh, chemicals actually developed this back in the nineties. I mean, 80 back in the eighties and recently, uh, gensco purchased the patent and they had the glycerol base, which allows it to, like be attached to different service. and it stretches like I can apply the fabrics like like the carpet like it's a really like it's a really strong, conveniently buying, uh, that here's to the surfaces, which, like I say it provides a superior protection.

Like it just those little needles that are out here protecting it. it's pretty. it's impelling killing everything time at the time after again and as he doesn't come off because, like I say, it completely bonded to the actual surface.

So if I hear you correctly, it's kind of like a scotch guard. but in the disinfection form, the scotchgard kind of cover the carpet fibers kept the carpet from getting dirty, clean, easier type of idea.

That's exact. that's exactly how that's the best way to describe this scotchgard. okay, so, um, who's this?

Who's this is this best for restoration is the best for housekeeping. is this presidential? it's best for both smell like on the restoration side.

I used it primarily because i'm always been scared of mold growth. typically, when you have mobility might have black mode. i've seen the bad parts of i've seen a family that actually had it was actually back in georgia when I was working for a general contractor where the family got so sick of the mold, got into their bodies long after a flash flood.

And that's because, like I really start understanding, like what? what what more really can do to get left unchecked?

So when we do our mold damages out here but when I became a mold inspector, i'm really big and like with tear everything out. anything in the joyce, let's go say and we treat it with the anti microbial to make sure it inhibits. that stops the growth.

It has some crazy, really amazing features that that this most other products don't have. like I spray this stuff. I know the mold is growing in here.

A personal thing that we did in office. we actually individually tested, like our services ourselves, like i've done door knobs were like my handles might get dirty.

I've done like the coffee pot. I know most people in the coffee because i'm a neat freak. there's always some mold growing apart if you don't dump it that same day.

So I said, you know what? there's a lot of mold in here. let me just let me just see if this thing works. I sprayed it left there along.

We have nothing. nothing can grow in this spot. it's been like almost six months for for that pot, but it's just it has really good application. another one is like uh, like tombstones, like we looked at tombstones in a place down in new orleans.

They did a test where they placed applied to one tombstone versus another one. one is all great. another one is completely, completely safe.

Um, and that and I can say it's a it's a mold inhibitor like I used my bad. I used personally my own bathtub, my own bathroom, where I take showers that were like you might get the white mildew film if I sprayed it on. it's not gonna grow.

It's not gonna grow back. it's an amazing product. I was kind of skeptical at about what it can actually do. i've been using this product for almost 11 months now, and i'm just surprised this is by far the best product on the market.

It's a it's a game changer. and also, if you're trying to stay in business like one of another company that we use, uh, that we services come to call a lot of peace. and no, because, uh, as far out of henderson, nevada, the owner is a really good guy, and he came into kidney.

I'm just trying to stay in business. the board just know what they want to do. you want to do. I was like, well, I kept doing my atp meter and I like like, well, the your face place where your oils come out on your face as you lying down on the massage table, it's gonna have a lot of oil. and I was, like, the dirtiest part. so we did the 80 p test, actually got a youtube video, and i'll send it to you later if and we did the test, it was about 2800.

After we cleaned and disinfected, I got it down to, like, two. and so you think that's the end up? we gotta clean, which is normal. that's what disinfectants do.

I come back, you know, I mean, he pays, you know, we get this is, uh this is, uh, certificate decontamination.

I come back, you know, 90 days later. so I got a new customer. maybe ever come back in a really get a check from them, tell me why it was it's still at this place. that wasn't that too. but it was at 13, which is well below the cleaning services. the product is still working.

We tested the front door and it's still protected. still adhering to their so it's like, oh, that's what I like. this product really works because this wasn't like a product that's in my office or somewhere in my office that maintain that this is a whole.

There's another companies. they have the old clinton regiment. but after we found something that was really high, we cleaned it.

This product was still protecting over and over again. and then we did it. we did, and we did another one on his truck. we click this truck, disinfected his truck. just the steering wheel I tested in 90 days later on his normal hands on the steering wheel is still below the threshold.

So, like I said, this is a powerful, powerful product that that most people just don't know about. I mean, they've been using a private jets for, like the last 40 years.

Air force one uses it. um, the miami heat. uh, arena uses it. the miami dolphins stadium use it. tenet healthcare has 800 health care facilities that uses it, so it's starting to gain traction. but it needs to be anything.

The word out there because, like if I can, like, reduce the amount of bacteria virus just like 30 20% think lives. i'm saving.

And they were talking about 20 procedures. people always people always worry about someone coming in cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, like I go to the, uh, the casinos out here in vegas. i'm constantly people cleaning clean.

Well, what happened when they're not cleaning, they might clean every hour on the hour, but that's laboring efficiency. if I can use this product, if I start disinfecting the morning, I use this product.

If I used the product once a day, but you don't even need to be using once today I can come back with my 80 p meter and measure every single spot to make sure it's going to.

It's continued within the threshold. so a lot of these businesses, especially we're gonna have high volumes. and people like people have a festival. people like the concert facilities they need to use this product. didn't make sure we can do everything we can do to get back open, to go back into like, our normal routines. it's gonna be up to, like the business owners and the big decision making for these large venues, uh, to like, do what you gotta do like that to help protect these people.

And then also today, we're mitigating risk as well to helping people mitigate risk for particular lawsuits where people might get sick for. you know, these guys want to suit people all the time for, like, think they're getting affected. but it's like I said, I stand by the product. i'm very impressed by it.

Okay, so let's let's put it through the process for the average person watching, um, you walk into a bathroom. it's a dirty bathroom. um, what's the what's the process you're going to use? like what?

You think i'm doing stuff better? we're doing better. all right, grab the parts. all right.

Uh, first up, we're going to use first step is our disinfectants. um, I personally like using hillier products. this is q t. plus, it has a three minute to well, time just actually concentrate.

So we use this will clean the bathroom. we typically clean it. clean it, spray it, let it wait three minutes.

Uh, come back, wipe all the way down. all right, afterwards, then that's what most people stop. that's where typically most people stop at. well, we're gonna do we're gonna take it to the next level where they're going to use to prevent sct prevents. sct is used to really move with any existing fingerprints or any type of oils that are left on the surface and disaffected sometimes still leaves the oils on the surface.

So this is like like almost like a super super glass cleaner to it. it's a it's a non hydro. it's a it's a hydra filic cleaner after we do that, and it's also a good way, like the prep the surface to make sure that when I put the secret sauce or the rabbinic 24 7 it's going to in here for it's going to make the surface clean, so it'll stick to one of the family bonds.

Then we use good old 20 prevent x 24 7. this stuff is like the secret sauce and the moneymaker. this stuff. we sprayed this with an electrostatic sprayer.

We let it air dry, and after the surface clears, I can come back and do. of course, I like to do my pre and post test with a teepee meter show. you like what it was before, what kids coming along when I cleaned it, then after it clean it, and then it just works for like 30 to 30 90 days.

I'd simply like to test surface like once a week was one of our contractor jobs, or once a month is one of our contract just to see where it's at, majority like 95% of the time. I don't need to come back, but that's that, and that's literally it.

So I and like I said, we still continue your normal daily routine of using your disinfectant, which would be your disinfectant I like to do. at the end of the day, all you're not worried about it is like because this is completely bonded to the surface.

You're not having to have to clean. it's not going to where you can put as many times you clean it, but it's not gonna go nowhere. so it's just like it's just an amazing product that it lasts the cleaning, the surface, it last that long.

So that's like the that's the 123 steps, like the three step process. this in fact, prep and protect, and then so does this work for everything. this is the tabletops keyboards, mouse water, fountains, everything.

Like everything i've used on fabrics, we use it on, like we used it on drapes using the carpets. uh, you can use any surface as, uh, keyboards, um, my desk and everything. anything that I can services be wiped down. we treated whether we use from toilet seats and everything.

So what? i'm here. so if if i'm hearing you right, what you do is you do the clean, the disinfect, clean the prep 24 7.

And then and then if you did nothing so you did the toilet seat, cover the toilet seat and you did nothing. and you came back three days later, and everyone's sitting on it and whatever.

Nothing is adhering to that toilet seat cover correct long. it's not being scratched like, you know, like scratch. like like it was nice. the bear.

No, it won't. it will stay there especially like a high traffic. it was like a high traffic area like the middle of the sea. it'll be fine. you know what?

The only thing I can worry about, like you open it down and like, open it down. and that's why you wanna still wanna have, like the daily routine, but we're talking about I can come in here with a teepee meter and literally test and see what everything, how everything is okay, so I get it. so it's like it's like it's a barrier and and it's it killing something. so it's on the surface. it's on the toilet seat.

A virus hits that hits it and build it. it tells it what happens to virus. it just stays on the top. the topping it disintegrates down, but once, like it's a fact.

It's a it's a soft membrane of the lipid. so i'm just gonna it's microscopic. so once it hits down there, it's just gonna it's just gonna the guy's gonna die out and this is gonna like it keeps stacking, stacking, stacking, stacking.

Okay. and so how is this? how is this soul? is this ready to use product? we can sell this. we sell, ready to use. we sell it in, concentrate three times. concentrate.

Uh, those are two ways you can buy it. okay, I got him. one gallon. I got in, uh, 55 gallon drums.

Um, and I have it in, uh, 32 ounce spray bottles. okay, so a lot of different formats. now, one of the last couple questions here is, um, one of things in sales. we can say anything. right? so you got certification back up. who? who who says that he endorses this?

Um, I have gensco. I have scientific. I have a scientific tests. I can send everybody. I got research on the product. I got the epa epa registered, uh, fungicide.

Um, i'll be happy to share any of the scientific research that clinical trials that showed that this product works. like I said, not only do we stand behind and i'm i'm always showing people, like, look at, look at the data.

And then, like, it's called me. i'd love to come back. i'd love to come, come, come.

Come to, uh, do a demonstration for you. that's, like, my favorite thing to do. it's like it's like the proof is in the pudding. like the, uh, people can say anything you want, but 83 m. not gonna it's not gonna lie to you. it's going.

It's just math and science and math. they don't lie 1000%? absolutely. if, uh a t f d t p the meter. 18 m reads it.

Yeah, Christians. so, um, you're only in vegas. how? um, so you can only do so much. uh, where's your company? located? where? the location.

We're located in las vegas. but we're nationwide. were nationwide distributors like Utah will step it. uh, where you want more of it? were very close with the manufacturer.

Um, there's no project too big for us. like I said, the product is also being used at the Tennessee state capitol, University of Tennessee.

A miracle, a few medical facilities out here in Vegas, like I got archdioceses. Nevada has tried us out. um, a private school in Atlanta has tried us out.

It's like I've been pretty adamant about shipping everywhere. like, but if you're in Nevada or just on the west coast, we can come and do a full service. we actually do the service for you.

We don't mind doing the service. we'll do a turnkey, but I just want to buy the product which was big on selling the product. call me if you buy it online at Nevada biohazard dot com. just hit the stop button and we'll gladly send you some.

Okay? so we'll put your contact information and stuff and the notes. if you can send that to me, we'll put it into the notes, actually. think already did.

Um, but, uh, people want to find out more, uh, make contact with you. what's the best way to, uh, email me? I'm at Kenny Cottrell.

I'm at sales at Nevada biohazards. my email address. uh, follow me on social media. Kenny. control, follow me on Nevada biohazard Twitter Instagram.

I'm all over the place. um, pretty easy for our company is pretty easy to find. yelp, google. um, I respond to everything or one of our team members respond to you and get back to you as soon as possible.

Uh, phone number seven oh, 2747 44 20 for like I said at Nevada biohazard on Instagram Twitter, uh, and Facebook. all right, well, it's definitely interesting, and I personally will dive and look into it a little bit more, but, uh, you know, like you said the 80 m, if that's reading, reading, that's the proof in the pudding. so, as I said, go on youtube.

Like I have videos from I shot the videos like I got, like, five videos or six videos of me actually going to random? uh, not random, but customers I've done in health care clinic I got we went to a lot of pieces, which is a salt spa.

I've done a residential house. I got at least I think four or five videos of us actually clean. the product is showing the t v past step by step and I'll be happy.

As I said, I would be happy to see the clinical trials showing you what the research can do. and it's just an amazing product, I think more people to do, especially if the school is just gonna start opening back up.

We don't want to make sure the kids are bringing, uh, you know, kids are dirty, so we make sure we're gonna bring, uh, don't bring back anything home to the house as well as, well, even protect the kids because, like, they're not going to be like I can't, uh, promise the 78-year-old kids gonna be wearing his mask all the time.

I say that. yeah. okay. well, that's great. um, we'll put your contact information into the show notes.

And, uh, I appreciate your time. it's interesting stuff. and, uh, it's something that's needed, uh, in this time for sure. all right. thanks a lot.

And I look forward to hanging. I look forward to doing the scanning and, uh, let me know when the next time we can do it. I like I definitely enjoyed myself.

Awesome. I appreciate it, buddy. okay, everybody, you've been watching clean freak with 100. we had, uh, Kenny cartel, director of operations to Nevada biohazard dot com team.

And you can get a hold of that. sales at what is it sales at now? is that Nevada biohazard dot com sales in Nevada biohazard dot com and be in the show. notes. you've been watching clean freak would come to every Tuesday, 12 pm, pacific. this is a special time.

And until next week, everybody I made in a rig where they yeah, yeah,


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