Power of a Sales Strategy and the 5 Pillars.


Hello adon rigg here and another episode of janitorial marketing solutions now. Today I wanted to continue the discussion of the five pillars of selling. Now, if you remember from the first episode, we talked about the importance of having a selling strategy, and that strategy is a set of activities, so you need to have a set of activities that you do on a consistent basis that helps breed success.

Now there are a lot of people sales people, particularly that have gotten by for many, many years of just kind of winging it, being good and charismatic and good to their customers and treat them well and service them well.

And they've been successful and there's definitely always people that can do that. But for the most part, people need to have a set of activities and selling strategies that they work on a consistent basis to grow their business, maintain their business and convert prospects too get to customers.

So in the last episode talked about positioning and the importance of positioning today I want to talk about the second piece of the pillar, or pillar number two, which really is in conjunction with positioning. So that is prospecting okay, so positioning is prospecting, and prospecting is positioning.

Let me explain. If i'm out in a a social event, i'm talking to whomever random person doesn't matter. They might not be a customer or even a potential customer, but i'm talking to them.

I'm positioning myself to them, right? So when I leave there, they're going to say, oh, I really like that guy or they're gonna say, you know that guys a bit of an idiot.

Whatever 1 may think is how on position. So if they think that guy's an idiot now imagine me now trying to get in front of them, to sell them, to get an appointment, to talk to them about their needs and and do discovery call, try to help them.

I'm position poorly. They're not going to do it. And neither would you? Neither would i. So positioning is prospecting because if you're positioned properly, it apprehends your prospecting.

Likewise, once you put on your prospecting, you're going, go look for customers or prospects the way that you do it, you're positioning yourself, so if you're positioning yourself, you're prospecting. If you're prospecting your position yourself. So the question is how are you prospecting?

How are you positioned yourself? And they're one in the same. So you need to be systematic and methodical and strategic in your approach and recognize that prospecting is positioning and position is prospecting.

And the better your position, the less prospecting you have to do. But if you're not positioned, if anyone doesn't know who you are, then it makes prospecting that much harder because you're starting from zero.

No one knows who you are not aware of you. They don't know what you do. You know what you're like. They don't feel like they know you now imagine this for an example, you take two actors.

Take pick your favorite active. Let's just say it. Jim carey. So you take jim carey and take another actor that is equally as good equally is funny and maybe even better.

And now that those two actors are going to try to sell you something, they're going to try to get you to go to a donate to a charity. They're going to try to get you to do something who has more influence, who is going to draw more people who is going to have a bigger impact.

Well, I think you would agree that jim carrey would. He's not necessarily a better actor than the no name person, but he has a higher platform.

People know who he is. He has more influence. If he walked into a mall, people go, oh, my god, there he is. And he would have all these people already like him and he could influence them.

He could prospect him. He could try to sell to me, to try to convert them to ah mindset, believe for whatever that he's trying to sell. The no name person couldn't.

He's starting from zero. That's why positioning is so important. And why doing what we do, last time. In the last episode, how prospector position yourself is so important and you capture that information, you might have a business card. You capture information.

You might have a landing form on a website, the interest something if you captured information, you connect with them on linked in that you cannot send them stuff.

You're capturing information. So the question is, then what can you do to create awareness to prospect to these people so that they are more aware of you when you want to reach out to them.

And that's where the revenue production model comes in and you'll see we've got the business card. We got the shoe horse work we're attracting them were doing that through different modalities through facebook, linked in whatever might be for capturing information.

And now, in today's day and age in the digital age, we have to enlighten them the light bulb with content. So we have our target market.

Now we enlighten them with content to the people that were trying to sell to trying to influence. So we're not just having random people. If we're in the cleaning business, maybe it's the facilities manager.

And so we've got their information like, hey, you know, they're aware of you. You've connected with modeling thing. You got their business card.

You say mr so and so mrs so and so can I send you our weekly newsletter as an example, they say, sure. So now you are sending them content your enlightening them um, with your information.

But your information can be sales e. It can't be oh, here is a great discount will come and clean your facility for two weeks free. It can't be.

Oh, coming by my cleaning supplies. I have by two cases get a second case free. You're not going to influence anyone and get any sales on that. Unless you happen to get very lucky. They actually really need that product you're selling. And as long as your prices good and they can't get from somewhere else or from their incumbent, then maybe they'll give you a chance. 90% of time. What you need to do is educate them. So if you are selling your services and you're trying to clean their facility, you wanna be the one that cleans the facility.

Maybe you educate them on a weekly basis about the benefits of cleaning professionally and some of those takeaways, such as improving math scores, improving reading scores, all these different things that we talk about in the program.

So now you're enlightening your your prospect about the benefits of professional cleaning. And maybe you give a few articles and some videos and some links of things that support what you're saying now they're going toe associate you with that content, they're gonna sit back, say, oh, I didn't know you could improve math scores?

Well, I didnt know. You can prove reading scores. Well, I didn't know you could improve cognitive function. I didn't know you can reduce sick days.

I didn't know you could reduce doctor visits. I didn't know you can reduce liability. I didn't know you could save water consumption. All these different things they didn't know. But now they do through you, and that's the importance of positioning and then prospecting with content.

The next piece is the scoring beside the light bulb. When you're emailing, when you're sending content to people, it's nice to know if they're reading it.

And so what? Programs today, like janitorial marking solutions. We score them, meaning we we read their behavior.

We know if they're reading it, we know every single time they open email or ford or something, we give him a mathematical score. So then our system tells us, hey, this guy just hit 30 points.

They're obviously interested in what you do. They've watched the last 10 or 15 episodes the last five or six emails. Maybe it's time to get sales to connect with them, and that is what prospecting is and best way to do it in today's day and age, so you need to have some type email marketing program.

You need tohave content, and you need to base it around the third pillar, which is what we're gonna talk about in the next episode I adon rigg with janitorial market solutions
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