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Welcome to janitorial marketing solutions I am your host, adon rigg and today we're going to continue on the discussion of the five pillars of selling your sales strategy.

Now, if you recall the 1st 2 we just recently had episodes. We spoke about the two pillars, the 1st 2 pillars of the five. Now pillar number one was positioning. Right position is vital.

The more you're positioned, the easier it is to prospect. The second pillar, prospecting that when you are prospecting ur position yourself as well.

And so the two of them go hand in hand. When you're prospecting your positioning when you're positioning, you were prospecting. So if you haven't seen those episodes, I encouraged to do so.

Today we're going to look at pillar number three. Now pillar number three is very important because pillow number three is profit creation, and it's the link between the 1st 2 pillars and the final two pillars.

In fact, profit creation could be the foundation and then just showing four pillars. But I chose to do it this way, so it shows that it's in the center. But the 1st 2 pillars, positioning and prospecting are prospecting activities right there things you do to prospect or create leeds lea generation, but they're also very much marketing activities, right? Today's day and age in with everything we have, all the platforms, social platforms and different tools we have available.

Marketing can be done. Prospecting can be done for marketing for the most part. Then we get into sales that we're gonna get into a little bit now.

Profit creation is a few things. What it really is at its foundation is the outcomes you deliver. It is the tangible outcomes that you bring to the market place.

It is the reduction, uh, reducing turnover, improving productivity. It is percentages and dollar signs of what you do. So whatever you're selling you on janet tora were selling outcomes. What we're selling improved air quality were selling regulatory compliance. Were selling no vo ces. Where selling risk reduction we're selling.

Improve health, reduce sick days, improve productivity, improve cognitive functions. All these things this is the outcomes were selling. So that is the profit creation message or our story.

So everything we have to do is a story based around the outcomes that you deliver and the reason why it's in the center the reason why it hinges between the 1st 2 pillars and the final 22 pillars is because it is the message.

Everything you do, that's what you're selling your selling profit creation. Now profit is another word for value, as in shareholder value.

So it's the message of value deliver that has a tangibles in it. It has the numbers and dollar signs, percentages that are that your prospect cares about. Your prospect doesn't care that you sell janitorial supplies.

Your prospect doesn't care that you sell janitorial cleaning services. You look exactly the same. You have somebody in uniform with a spray bottle and a cloth.

You look exactly same. You have on time deliver. You have a wide array of products and you sell brooms, brushes, paper products, things like that.

So we're going to be selling services or you're selling supplies. You look the same to the prospect. There is no difference now. Of course there is to you.

Course there is to me. We believe in our products. We know the ins and outs of our products. We know the fine details of our product. We know why it's better, or at least as good as somebody else's and why they should use our products.

But from their perspective, they don't care. It looks like a duck. It walks like a duck. Chances are it's a duck.

That's help people think so. If they're looking at you and you're coming by and you're saying, well, we like to clean and we clean better, we're gonna be really on time.

We respond to all all complaints, really on time, and we really look great. Job. Well, come on. So does your competitors. Their competitors say the same thing, and your customer or prospect might decide to take a chance. And you, because they like you, they believe you have you.

If someone that they they're using finally expires, right, they no longer trust them and they want to look for somebody else. Maybe they'll go for you, but they might favor because they like you, but they don't see much difference.

They think I trust this guy's gonna really try to look after. Let's give him a chance. But you are the same, right? You're selling the same supplies, the same and or same services, so there's not much difference.

They might lean towards you because they like you trust you and believe that you will do a good job when you have a profit creation message. When you lead with value, when you lead with the outcomes that you deliver, then you separate yourself.

So all of your prospecting, all of your positioning, all of your emails, all the questions you ask in a sales call, all the presentation, everything you do in a presentation, everything you do from the moment you need a customer to the moment you close a customer to them becoming a ah client and you service them over and over.

Your message is the same. You're selling the outcomes. So in the cleaning industry, you look at the outcomes that you can deliver. You look at you can improve cognitive function by 61% in five days.

You look you can improve cognitive function with 101% within 14 days. You look hey, we can improve productivity but productivity by a minimum of 2% but most likely upwards of 18%. Hey, we can reduce sick days but 46% we can improve mouth scores.

We these are all things we can do and of course, some people are gonna care about improving math scores, and some people are not.

Some target markets are going to care about improving reading scores, and some people are not. Some are gonna look really care about improving productivity.

Some really gonna care about improving cognitive function. And probably in fact, probably most are going to care about cognitive function.

So that's what we want to do. We want to lead with our story and our message. We want to position ourselves through the story through the message through the outcomes we deliver, and we want a prospect that way.

So as an example, if you pick up the phone and you phone a prospect, you might say something along the lines of we improve cognitive function by with your employees by a such a 61%

In the 1st 5 days of cleaning, I would like to talk to you about improving the masters of your students by 46%. I would like to talk to you about reducing sick days amongst your employees by as much as 26% per year.

These is what you lead with who isn't interested in those outcomes everybody's interest in those outcomes. That problem is, is that a lot of sales people that if they do do this, the man there's interest, they start selling their product.

Oh, it's cleaning. Yes, it's cleaning. Oh, you're selling cleaning supplies. When you focus on the outcomes and you ask questions, you don't sell your product or service out. Ask questions to leave them to wanting the deliverables that you deliver.

They recognize that you sell cleaning services there, recognized your self cleaning products, but they're focused on the fact that you are a professional. That's adds value to them, and you're helping to improve their facility.

You're helping them to improve thier outcomes that they deliver to their customers, to their students, to their tenants, whatever it might be.

And so you put yourself alongside of them as a partner that helps them market and grow their business. So they're using new and the deliverables and outcomes that you deliver.

They can, in turn you take that message and use it to their customers, they said. I could say we have programs in place that help improve mass scores among students way have programs in place that reduce sick days by as much as 26%.

See, these are the things that your customers and prospects care about. They don't care about your product and service. They want your partners. There was the user problem service what they really want, the outcomes and deliver bols that you are able to deliver.

So focus on your message. That's what profit creation is about. It's about having a message of outcomes that benefit them that you can actually traced back to some type a dollar sign or percentage something along those signs.

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