Sales Prospecting With Customer Touch Points


 I want to talk about touchpoints. What I mean by that is how many times should you be touching a prospect?

And why should you be touching a prospect? Meaning reaching out to them the amount of times you touch them. And how many times is enough times? Well, let me give you an example off.

I want to give you my answer. The other day I placed a phone call for prospecting call when I got the person on the phone, when I identified who I was, they said to me, I know who you are I watch your videos.

So the point of this is, how many videos did I create before she saw one of my videos? I don't know. I did over 150 videos on youtube before even realize that I was doing things wrong and had very few viewings.

So my point being is that in today's world, we are able to reduce the amount of costs involved to get in front of a prospect by creating content. When you think of the cost involved, each sales person, your highest cost people out there closing business representing the company and you pay them or they pay us a lot of money in comparison to other careers, and we're spending 1/3 of our time going to accounts that don't know us.

Not saying not to do that, however, the more that we can touch a customer through blog's e mails, articles, webinar seminars, posts on, LinkedIn videos, podcasts twitter, Instagram it doesn't matter.

The more that we can create that content and we cascade that content, the more someone becomes aware of us. The question is, when does that stop for some being aware of you to becoming familiar with you to becoming known.

So when do huge sweats from someone's aware of you? Then they're familiar with you, and now they know you. I don't know the answer, but think of it this way.

Just recently, joaquin phoenix won the academy award for best actor. When did you first hear joaquin phoenix? I don't know.

When I did, I do remember, probably in around the time he did the johnny cash movie, but at some point he became unknown to I was familiar with him, too. I knew him and that's the point of touch points. That's what we want.

Do we want to reach your prospects as much as often as possible with val content that they want to get from us because we want to go from awareness to familiarity, to known.

And when they know us, they probably have a lot more trust in us and believe we can support them and help them. Then if we're familiar with him, too, if they don't know who we are or they just found out about us, hope that helps I'm Adon Rigg with janitorial marketing solutions, and I will see you in the next video.



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