Virtual Prospecting "A Playbook To Win"


Hey Jansan nation it is Adon here. I want to talk to you about virtual prospecting. For those of you that know, I put together a course and launch it last week, it's free.

It's called virtual prospecting, a playbook, to win and what it does that it covers everything you need from creating interest and a strategy to getting to the close portion. When your prospecting online, virtually a lot of us are in under lock down. We're stuck at home.

We're stuck in their offices, but we are not. We're not powerless. We can do a lot of things, and we can do it by utilizing the tools that we have access to online.

So if you're not sure what to do, you're not sure where to begin. I've created something. It's free to you. No strings attached.

Just click the link below its 50 lesson's over 4. 5 hours of content in small sections. You can watch five minutes here, 5 minutes there and gather the knowledge and tools and tricks and hacks that are necessary to get you online to get in front of prospects as quickly as possible.

I hope this is a value. Stay safe, keep calm and clean On as lee Chen from Rochester Midland, says



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