3 Steps To Digital Transformation


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it's adon rigg. And today I want to talk about three steps to digital transformation. Now, as we're shooting this, it's in the middle of the covid 19

Pandemic outbreak. And what i've really noticed is with this outbreak, it's really become evident that it has forced those that have been procrastinating the laggards, if you will, in industry to make that digital transformation.

Because, quite frankly, there's so many different companies, organizations and industries that have been slow to adapt online. Uh, even some not having a website that particular in the janitorial industry.

Uh, it's very common for companies to not have a website. They might just have a small little measly facebook page. What did I do? Anything with it?

Very few have a sophisticated website and and it's showing that oh, many of us need to make that transition to digital. So today we'll talk about three steps to do to get that digital transformation.

Um, and I want to use it from a...

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Make The Most Of This Opportunity.


Adon here and today I want to talk to you about, the opportunity we have been given with having a lock down. I know it's frustrating, and it's nice to be oh, and going to restaurants and just going to parks and doing things. But most of us can't do that right now.

But what we can do is we can expand right. I never, ever really think it's good to contract to play small. And so I always think of times like this is an opportunity to us to expand, to expand our knowledge, to expand our presence.

And so if you are in sales, if you have a business and you're not able to do what you used to do, really take this opportunity to expand, expand your knowledge, expand the platform.

So if some thing like this ever happened again that you have an unbreakable, unshakable foundation. I am adon rigg with janitorial marketing solutions i'll see you in the next video


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Sales Prospecting time to expand


Hey jansan nation its adon here and today I want to talk about the present situation. Ah, lot of us are under lock down here in isolation, and the world is kind of unpredictable right now. But what I want to mention is there's two things you can do.

You can sit back and waste your day, or you can sit back and utilize this opportunity to. Learn. There are so many platforms to learn on such as udemy facebook. There's youtube.

There's video. There's so many different platforms. Such as linkedin where you can learn and educate and update yourself on new skills and new opportunities.

So what I say is is we're under locked in probably a lot of getting bored, not sure what to do. Well, I challenge you take an hour today, tomorrow half. Hour, whatever it is and pick one things, i'm gonna learn about how to create a blog or i'm gonna learn how to update my speaking skills. Whatever it is, it's a great opportunity to learn and then share your knowledge with your co workers, your friends, your...

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Virtual Prospecting "A Playbook To Win"


Hey Jansan nation it is Adon here. I want to talk to you about virtual prospecting. For those of you that know, I put together a course and launch it last week, it's free.

It's called virtual prospecting, a playbook, to win and what it does that it covers everything you need from creating interest and a strategy to getting to the close portion. When your prospecting online, virtually a lot of us are in under lock down. We're stuck at home.

We're stuck in their offices, but we are not. We're not powerless. We can do a lot of things, and we can do it by utilizing the tools that we have access to online.

So if you're not sure what to do, you're not sure where to begin. I've created something. It's free to you. No strings attached.

Just click the link below its 50 lesson's over 4. 5 hours of content in small sections. You can watch five minutes here, 5 minutes there and gather the knowledge and tools and tricks and hacks that are necessary to get you online to get in front of prospects...

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Sales Prospecting Rotting Business Cards


 Today I want to talk to but lost opportunities and wasted money wasted investment. Ah, poor return on your investment. What I mean by that?

Well, how many of us sales people or how many of you sales managers have your sales people going out on a daily basis, making cold calls and collecting business cards? What do you do with these?

If you're like most people, they sit right on the desk and they rot but you need to think about it. How much did it cost you for your sales? Over. How much of your time for yourself? What did it cost you of your time in your day?

To walk him to wait to ask the question to ground business card on who you should speak to if you add it up. It's hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, depending on this size, your sales force.

So what should you be doing? What life you like many of us. You let it get the best car, sit on here on the desk and you might call them back never in a few months.

The problem with that is that you are no longer aware you're not...

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Sales Prospecting With Customer Touch Points


 I want to talk about touchpoints. What I mean by that is how many times should you be touching a prospect?

And why should you be touching a prospect? Meaning reaching out to them the amount of times you touch them. And how many times is enough times? Well, let me give you an example off.

I want to give you my answer. The other day I placed a phone call for prospecting call when I got the person on the phone, when I identified who I was, they said to me, I know who you are I watch your videos.

So the point of this is, how many videos did I create before she saw one of my videos? I don't know. I did over 150 videos on youtube before even realize that I was doing things wrong and had very few viewings.

So my point being is that in today's world, we are able to reduce the amount of costs involved to get in front of a prospect by creating content. When you think of the cost involved, each sales person, your highest cost people out there closing business representing the company and...

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The Sales Formula



 Hello insightful sellers, Adon here the author of insightful selling, and today I would be taking the second episode of insightful prospecting. If you joined us on the first episode, you would recall that we went a little deep on the inner game. If you haven't seen the video or read the first episode transcript, I encourage you to do so because it is critical to your selling and prospecting success.



The information found in that episode will help you stay in tune internally, because once you find that balance, once you understand that prospecting is part of your identity, and once you realize and recognize that people's opinions no longer matter to you, then you begin to rise as a leader. So I urge you to take out time out of no time to go through the first episode of this series.




As I mentioned in the book insightful selling, there is a formula that I have for sale, and that's what this transcript is all about. In the first...

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Janitorial Distribution Margin Compression



Hello, sales pro, Adon here. In the last video transcript, I talked about the difference in the ISIS report of 2014 and 2016 in details. I also spoke about how the sales force is changing in such a way that the outside sales force is shrinking while those inside are expanding. If you haven't seen the video or read the transcript, I will advise you to do so as it will further enhance your understanding.



  • In the janitorial industry, over 50 percent of distribution sales are paper and garbage bags.


  • To make up for the loss and maintain the status quo within your margin, you have to increase sales by 36%. This is no easy task, but it is something that must be done.


  • Distributors need to analyze how they can create a competitive advantage because the survival of their industry depends on it.


  • From 2014 to 2016, the distribution industry witnessed another 3% decline.


This data stated below discloses the reason behind the decline the...

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Decline Of The Janitorial Sales Rep


Hello, sales pro, Adon here. In the last video transcript, I talked about the alarming decrease of janitorial distributors in the last 25 years. I also pointed out that an immediate change is required if we want to see any improvement. If you haven't seen the video or read the first transcript, I will advise you to do so as it will further enhance your understanding.


  • The new data by ISSA (The 2016 study on the industry) suggests that there are now 4,142 distributors compared to 24,000 the industry recorded 25 years ago.


  • The report for 2016 shows that the same amount of distributors (4,142) in 2016 has decreased down to nine outside salespeople per distributor on average.


Did you know that the new data by ISIS (The new 2016 study on the industry) suggests that there are now 4,142 distributors compared to 24,000 the industry recorded 25 years ago? But here's something interesting; I noticed that in 2014, - ISIS last study - there was an average of 12 sales...

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janitorial industry worth 24 billion dollars,



 In the last video transcript, I talked about the benefits and advantages of competitive advantage. We also talked about the gross profit for paper sales {29%}, chemicals {38%}, supplies {29%}, equipment {22%}, and {31%} for miscellaneous. If you haven't seen the video or read the first transcript, I will advise you to do so as it will further enhance your understanding.


  • According to ISSA 2012-2014 distributor survey report, the janitorial industry worth 24 billion dollars, when you look at it from a distributor perspective.


  • The janitorial industry is made up of a few major market sectors, and some of them are retail, building service contractors, industrial, education, healthcare, commercial, and government.


  • When you focus on one sector at a time, it becomes easy to create value due to an extensive understanding of the said industry.


  • Yes, the janitorial industry that worth billions in dollars, but services like cleaning are also...
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