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Cleaning Secrets Playbook

Prospect do not value cleaning, but they do value health. Discover how to create differentiation and grow your cleaning business. 

What you'll get:

Section #1: What is Professional Cleaning

  • #1:  Why professional cleaning? What distinguishes a company from being “professional” Understanding the outcomes of cleaning properly from that of amateurs is fundamental to growing your business.
  • #2: What exactly is green technology and cleaning? How do these tools contribute to the positioning of your business and separating yourself from the competition?
  • #3: What is sustainability and how is it different from green practices. Understanding the 3 pillars of sustainability and their place in the process of cleaning.
  • #4: Why the need for Sustainable green cleaning and what is the data that makes this an urgent issue and a enormous opportunity for the cleaning industry.
  • #5: Certification by third party programs. Who are the primary players and what is the differences between them?
  • #6 : The procedures for professional cleaning. What are the best practices that deliver the results to impact human health while reducing the impact on our planet and giving a positive financial return?

Section #2 Differentiation Drivers 

  • #7: Selecting products requires consideration over and above performance and cost. Selection has 5 specific standards to meet performance, cost, health, and the environment.  
  •  #8: What are the 6 steps to implementing a sustainable green cleaning program not only within your customers facility, but also inside your organization.
  • #9: Building Facility Site Survey Form With Case Study. Containing 69 point of reference when performing a consultation on preparation for a proposal. Actual case study of an audit complete with  photos, comments, and suggestions to convert a prospect into a customer.  
  •  #10: How to Sell Professional Cleaning. Your value creation message underpins all activities. The more value you create the less price becomes the determining factor. We focus on the outcomes that professional cleaning provides.

Section #3 Education & Comprehension

  • #11: Frequently asked questions concerning products, 
    procedures, standards, and implementation of a green and sustainable program
  • #12: Professional Cleaning assessment designed to reinforce key learning points.
  •  #13: Industry vocabulary and a glossary terms for reference.
  • #14: Resources

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When you get your copy of my new CLEANING SECRETS PLAYBOOK, I am going to give you additional training  That will enhance the content within the "Playbook, and you can start watching now.

 The Program is going to give you strategies to create differentiation and close new business


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