Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are integral links in the value chain and have the distinctive role of client acquisition, which includes attracting new customers, regaining lost customers and reducing marketing costs. Sales-force effectiveness is an important and critical component to a successful value chain, which ultimately leads to a competitive advantage. However, many organizations do not have or enforce a specific selling system, even when they have processes and operating procedures that they enforce in other departments.

Sales can play an integral and vital role in the success of a business; however, in order to equip sales professionals with the tools necessary to meet organizational objectives and drive new business growth, companies must begin to view sales as one of the only ways their organization creates revenue.


How has the company structured its sales force? What are the roles of the sales force? Are they the right roles? Does the company need to increase the sales force? Do objectives align and support the organization’s directive? Should the sales force be specialist or generalist? Is a predominantly inside sale force, outside sales force, or a hybrid? How should the territories be segmented by geography or customer segmentation?



Is the company hiring the right sales people? How are these hiring decisions made? How is the sales force being trained? Are they being managed or coached? Do these support systems align with organizational initiatives? Do they support the culture that is being created?



What information is the sales force being given to make decisions? Does this information show the customer-purchasing patterns? What metrics dictate where they spend their time? Does marketing provide leads and programs to expedite the sales process, or is this the responsibility of sales force? Are they using social selling to obtain customer information?



How is the sales force compensated? Is compensation predominantly commission-based, salary-based or a combination of the two? Does this structure motivate the sales force? Does it align and support organizational objectives?


How does the sales force know when it is aligned with organizational initiatives? How are activities being directed? How is this driving the intended culture that is being created?


when all the drivers—sales culture, strategy and structure, hiring, information, pay, and feedback on goals—are operating at their best, the sales force will be running at optimum efficiency. To maximize efficiency the sales force, your customers must improve the use of these sales-force drivers.


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