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Recently, I have noticed all these sales people trying to grow their Cleaning Business, Agency, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Sales territories fall short over-and-over...

... and I noticed a HUGE AND OBVIOUS PROBLEM..."


Hi, I’m Adon Rigg

And I have a question for you...

Why are so many professional cleaning companies, agents, manufactures, distributors, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professional FAILING to break thought the noise and create differentiation when the OPPORTUNITY and path are so clear?

Clearly, there are thousands of Janitorial cleaners, agents, manufactures, distributors, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professional CRUSHING IT. They’re the ones who do things DIFFERENTLY

But VERY FEW people know how to do it well. Most don’t even know how to START

So, they spend years figuring out what I could have taught them in days and weeks.

Please allow me to be speak directly to you:

You have a lot of opportunity to DIFFERENTIATE

So why don’t YOU have more leads, a full sales pipeline, and brand awareness

Why aren’t you doing things DIFFERENTLY than you were 20, 10, 5 years ago

After all this time and all the technology changes in the world, don’t you think you deserve to reach more people, have a full pipeline, and make more sales


No doubt you’ve seen all these companies and professionals trying to adapt with all the changes in the world while still running their territories and businesses

So what's wrong?

The issue is Sales and Marketing has changed so fast and , if your honest YOU HAVENT CHANGED and you DON’T KNOW where to begin and get Attention.

Isn’t it true? Too often, you don’t know WHERE to focus to create AWARENESS and DIFFERENTIATE yourself.

You don't know what to DO -- Monday through Friday -- to gain REAL MOMENTUM growing your brand and sales pipeline.


Maybe you're afraid of trying the wrong thing and waste money and time or looking dumb...

.... and that's okay. It's not a courage issue...

It's SMART to want to do your marketing right the first time...

It's SMART to care about the people you serve.

It's SMART to get the messaging right, to build a sales strategy right, to create the right message and marketing campaigns that make you STANDOUT.

If you agree with this, then I bet you can ALSO AGREE that it's SMART to get GREAT TRAINING from someone who has a proven track record at excelling in this field, right?

Someone who actually is pushing the dials NOW, who knows what works NOW.

That's me.

And I want to help YOU.

That's why I'm inviting you to join my private sales and marketing group, called Professional Cleaning  Academy.

Just watch the video on this page. And read all the details you want. But whatever you do, do yourself this extraordinary favor today: SIGNUP. If you don't love it, cancel anytime. 

You have a message to share with the world - I can help you find it, monetize it, share it, and build a stable personal brand and differentiate yourself. But you'll have to get the training you need and signup now.

Don't Miss Out!

Join the ALL NEW PROFESSIONAL CLEANING ACADEMY and I'll teach you step-by-step how to grow your cleaning business, grow personal brand and, differentiate yourself. Choose your subscription now.

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  • Immediate access to a 12 hours of training, called Professional Cleaning Roadmap (Value: $1497)
  • Instant access to 12 HOURS of Adon’s training on HOW to Implement the roadmap message ( Professional Prospecting Master Class ) in your sales and marketing (Value $1997)
  • 50+ Newsletters. Articles, and Blogs (Value $4500)
  • PROFESSIONAL CLEANING Hacks. Manual ,Checklist, Wall charts (Value $997)
  • Case Study – Complete with Forms, Presentation (Value: $497)
  • Professional Prospecting Creator (Value $297)
  • Professional Prospecting Generator (Value $297)  

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