Digital Media


Educate  your audience with video

Stimulate your customers with information and insights with video prospecting and post to your social accounts, and prospects for higher engagement.

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Email Marketing


Reach your audience on the right channels

We send your email newsletters and post to your social accounts automatically throughout the month to help you stay top of mind with your customers and prospects. 

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Social Media Marketing


Education marketing that makes you look great online

Once set up, we get to work crafting content designed to position you as the industry leader. You’ll get email/Video newsletter campaigns, click-worthy social media posts, and lead capture page.

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LinkedIn Prospecting 


A lead generation and prospecting solution for B2B business owners, entrepreneurs, and professional service providers..

The perfect solution to grow your brand and create a lead generation process that PRODUCES CONSISTENT RESULTS.


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Outbound Prospecting 

Prospecting now requires a multi touch approach from a variety of touchpoints. With our outbound prospecting process using AI technology to reduce the time required to move prospects from top of funnel to warm and receptive meetings.


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     Managed Programs 

Our program will pair you with an expert to set up a professional social media presence and prospecting cadence for your business.
All plans require a 90 Day commitment and then transition to month-to-month following the first year. A one-time $299 set up fee is required. Funds in USD



Lead Nurture

  • Up to 300 Contacts
  • 3 Facebook & LinkedIn Posts Week
  • 1 Email Campaign Per Month
  • 1Video Campaign Per Month
  • Email Tracking & Analytics

Awareness Plus


Lead Nurture

  • Up to 300 Contacts
  • 3 Facebook & LinkedIn Posts Week
  • 2 Email Campaign 
  • 2 Video Campaign 
  • Website Tracking/Analytics 
  • Email Tracking & Analytics





  • Leverage the platform to connect with infinite potential clients
  • Nurture connections through engagement
  • Progress connections from cold to warm leads
  • Transfer connections to offline discussions





  • 50 Leads Per Month

  • AI Technology
  • Lead Capture
  • Drip Marketing 
  • Workflow
  • Lead Validation

  • Email Prospecting

  • Phone Prospecting

  • A/B Testing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Dial Recorder
  • Contact Info

Henry Reimer
( WestPac Solutions)

Westpac solutions has worked with Adon and his team for many years now. He helps us take a poll position in the industry with content marketing strategies to promote products, procedures, and keep our name top of mind with customers and prospects.

Warren Jacobs 
(MCL Clean)


I have worked with Adon on various project for many years now. His industry knowledge and sales and marketing strategies lead the cleaning and hygiene industry